Velvet? Give it a try with these style tips

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We all know velvet came last year and this one made a trendy comeback. But what about those who are still in denial? I tell you there is no big deal as long as you know how to wear it! Don't think it is too xmassy or party, it can be casual as well.

Many designers have used it on the catwalk and some of us have fallen at their feet. Colors such as pink, burgundy, gray or yellow do make a statement and give a feeling of autumn/winter coziness, plus they can be worn anywhere if your outfit is properly studied before leaving the house.

There are many ways to add velvet to your wardrobe and everyday style. It doesn't have to be a dress or boots. If you are not convinced with this trend you can just try with some necklace (choker) or purse. But for those who want to go big or go home sure you can hit the streets/office with a velvet blazer, just make sure you wear a casual outfit for the rest of items.You can go for navy blue or khaki, since they can neutralize other tones and textures and give you some serious look.

If a blazer is too much for you consider the option of a clutch, or small bag. Gucci designs made it quite trendy but head to Parfois, Zara or some similar store and you can find many options that will suit your outfit.

Velvet boots are super trendy and seen on every store now, so if you're not sure but want to try them out, you might want to purchase a pair from some cheap fast fashion store. I would wear them with dark jeans at night.

A mix of velvet and lace in a top is perfect to wear in any occasion, be it a casual meeting with friends, office if worn properly combined, party, etc. Try it with jeans to get a casual informal look, or blazer at the office.

If you still think  all of these are too much but are still curious about the velvet trend then head to hair accessories. I have a headband and it really looks good being such a small piece of velvet.

Have you incorporated this trend in your closets yet?

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