You know what's crazy...

8:03:00 PM

You know what's crazy? Someone coming into your life, making you feel whole. Like you felt extremely happy. They promise you the world... Those good-morning & good-night texts. The way of smiling at you. The compliments, you adore the way he gives you all the attention and is there supporting during rough times. Once everything seems great, he just goes. Puff. Gone. No reason. Just leaves you hanging there like you meant nothing. You try to recover, but you can't- You are already attached. That jerk got you wrapped around his finger. You are a wreck. But sure it will get better... Shouldn't be wasting time over a jerk that didn't see what he had. Be happy: spend time with friends. Make mistakes, have some me-time. Don't jump into anything and reflect on everything.

After several months now, I was doing great. Yet I don't know why it seems lately someone's messing with my mind again, whenever I get some sleep. Damn it subconscious self. Messy dreams that change my mood for the whole day. I'm going bonkers. Blame it on the BCP or whatever.... Some days I'm over the moon feeling whole and empowering but others I feel kinda vulnerable just bringing memories back.

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