Dear Santa...what's on your list?

2:04:00 PM

Dear Santa,

I’m sure you’ll agree that I’ve been extremely well behaved this year, especially after all the challenges and b*tchy tests I had to go through and face. You saw I’ve been kind (sometimes), helpful, attentive to my friends and family, and have tried to be as cheerful as possible (read: say good morning back before my morning coffee) in all sorts of stressful situations (OK, I might stop lying at some line of this letter). Yyyeah I could have been better at morning conversations, or driving around town when in the middle of a traffic jam, and no I didn't need so many shoes and clothes or wine glasses. But apart from those minor blips, surely I deserve a little festive treat, right? (white Audi a5 sportback hint hint).

Well I always have a wishlist here and there (one, two, maybe three) but I hope my gift is to spend a fab-yule-lous time in NYC (which seems to start a bit off luck) and spend a 2017 without having to say "no more drama Adrianna" or else I'm changing my name to that 90210 character so I can at least use those words properly. So far I joined a couple of Secret Santa games and my list could go on and on but this time it's all about BOOKS! Ouu yes.

Here are the books I put on my 2 lists (some for the family and others for the friends list).

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

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9 comments to blue my mind

  1. A new pair of converse are on my xmas list this year! I'm obsessed! x

  2. Really nice, i was not thinking, to be honest what i want, i prefer to be just happy and my family to be good..

  3. I really need a new pair of sneakers so I hope I'll be finding them under our Christmas tree haha :D

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  4. Lovely post dear.
    On my wishlist is just one thing - to be happy!

  5. Books are always my favorite gifts. You created a fantastic list!

  6. This was cute... thanks for sharing

  7. Great post! I asked for a weekend bag :)

  8. I didn't really ask anyone for something, I like to be surprised :)

  9. That white Audi sounds like a dream! Gosh, all that's on my list this year is to be able to travel more! Thanks for sharing = )