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This time I got the chance to interview probably my favourite blogger, whose blog I have been reading for years. I remember following some blogs but my motivation to re-launch malibluemymind was probably after seeing Lakatwalk had a great mix of topics and thought a blog is not strictly fashion-only, but can be lifestyle, travel and journal-like too for those days when we think too much and get philosophical.

Co-owner of a fashion business to promote independent designers, Katarina writes mostly about fashion but her blog has a range of topics that go from cooking, mothering, travel, and cosmetics. I started reading this blog and got engaged since I shared many opinions (mostly on fashion) with the writer, but after a long time when I realized who that "Ante" was I said really? The Ante I have to write about on Sundays? Lol! :)

Though I would ask her hundreds of questions I keep my interviews short with 5questions. Here, she speaks on blogging, fashion, and travelling -combined.


You've had your blog for a long time now, what motivated you to start and keep writing?

Yes indeed, I am blogging since April 2008. I started when I was still living in New York City and working in Ralph Lauren. My blog was first called 'Viva La Moda' and I used it as inspiration board for a project I was working on in RL and in Showroom Seven at the time. Then I also started adding personal posts about long distance relationships with girlfriends from my home country, dating in NYC etc. while fashion remained the main subject of the blog. Later on as I personally and professionally developed I kept adding topics, investing and redesigning my blog which then grew and matured along with me :). I remember attending the first IFB blogger conference in NYC as well. Bloggers were not so widely popular then as today. It was a true passion and a hobby for most.

What would you say that is the biggest challenge and the greatest satisfaction about fashion blogging?

The biggest challenge for me, personally, is really staying consistent considering that I always worked two jobs or later worked in big corporations, traveled a lot and today I manage by blog, I co-own a fashion company and also I recently became a mom. 

I would say blogging is more satisfaction and creative outlet for me and I am extremely honored to have met and communicated with so many amazing women through my blog for all these years!


Being a full-time fashion blogger and owner of a fashion independent business, how would you describe your style and what/who's your fashion inspiration?

My personal style is quite dependent on my mood and my changing lifestyle. Now with being a mum and working from home office while I am with the baby my style is more practical (read I dropped few cm from my heels :)) I would say. However, I still put an effort into my outfits daily. 

The new designer I discovered and love is Blackpearl by Sara Loncaric from Croatia, I always wear something by McQueen who is my all time favorite designer, most recently I purchased McQueen black leggings with bird net cutouts and I got a huge wool/cashmere scarf from my boyfriend for my birthday. Generally, I prefer dresses over pants, especially maxi dresses and I wear them both with sneakers, boots and stilettos, usually with biker jackets. Finally, I have an obsession with hats, I got lots of them and wear them as often as I can. The latest brand of hats I love is HatHat from Poland.

What 2016-17 FW trends are going to be part of your daily outfits these months?
I currently love to wear velvet chokers and oversized sleeves when it comes to current trends. I also have had a pink coat for a several years now which is now back in fashion just as velvet tie up stiletto sandals which I got by Gianluca Soldi.


You have lived in several cities, what do you take from each one of them? Did they have an impact on your fashion decisions?

You are right. I was born in Zagreb, Croatia where I lived up to my teenage years. Next I lived in Towson, Maryland then in Connecticut and later in New York and Budapest. Now I live in Barcelona. I think my personal style got the most freedom in New York, where I with years collected fabulous vintage collection of accessories, jewelry, dresses and coats.
Barcelona is very urban, it does have a big influence of mass market brands like Zara but with some young people you can still see a lot of individuality in terms of dressing.

This leopard print lover defends great empowering women values and proved to be a wonderful person. I met her once and she and her boyfriend did me a favour I will be always thankful for (hope you liked the chocolates and rituals stuff! -my brother is even a bigger fan of Ante now). I hope her blog keeps growing and giving tips and insights on fashion & travel (especially Croatia, which is one of the countries on my travel bucket list;)).


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