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We all have endless lists with countries we'd like to visit someday. So far I have ticked off many countries and repeated places I just couldn't get tired of or would like to live in, someday.

I keep a notebook with that list and I am happy lots of names are already visited, but these are still "for next year". UUuuu if only I had more time!

Europe lover as it can be seen, I have always been curious and in love with Central Europe and eastern areas. Despite being near the Balkans I always end up going north. This time it has been said many times, we do have to go to Greece or Croatia in 2017! And why not, a route Slovenia-Serbia-Albania would be great too...


Abania is still very unknown but I have seen pictures that yell "do come lau!". Small and beautiful, with some things that may remind us of Greece, quite Mediterranean. Its image has improved over the years, their landscapes prove to be wonderful and offer many adventures and day trips for any budget. Apart from the capital city, which is most likely to be visited, there are some landscapes from the north that invite me to go and spend a full day, Theti and Valbona (the National Parks), but then again if you go south you have the  beach...


Croatia has been on my list for long and for some reason I don't end up there, despite telling myself "this summer, Croatia".  There are many places in this country which I would like to visit, especially the beautiful town of Dubrovnik and some islands (Hvar, Split...). This summer I was determined to go but I ended up in Prague (agaaain) and then visiting friends around Spain and Malta... so 2017 planner has a note that says "Croatia & Greece, this time for real!".


Please! I have always been fascinated by the history of Egyptian mythology and their history itself. How could those people at that time build such great things and paintings? This destination would be for colder days since it can really get too hot in summer! 


Been a lover of this country, always have & always will! I love their food, lovely architecture in their islands with beautiful white houses, steps and walls full of pink flowers & blue doors. Their political & mythology history fascinates me as well as the people with southern friendly feeling and their basketball game of course! 

These are some of the destinations I had on my list for too long, now I added 3 northern countries but those are definitely for warmer times... I hope 2017 comes with one of these places on my planner :)
If you are considering going north/central here is a list of posts with some places I ticked off from my list:

Who has been in any of those on my bucket list?

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