Interview: Croatian luxury handbag brand Ekatrin Katrin

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Ladies raise your hands if you have found yourself thinking "no, I don't need this one, I have too many handbags" in front of a fab piece and then have bought it anyways. As guilty as I am, some lessons you never learn... I am a lover of shoes and handbags and I cannot tell how many of them I have around the house, plus the ones I gave to friends/cousins or sold because I didn't really wear them much. I recently discovered a luxury Croatian brand, Ekatrin Katrin, which makes great handbags, handmade by fashion designer Leda Bosnić. You can find her store in Varazdin. I know I will check it out when I get to visit this beautiful country :) (meanwhile, they sell online!)

1. What are the inspirations behind Ekatrin Katrin firm? What image of women do you have in mind for your creations?
Haute couture is one of our greatest inspirations. I keep in mind that my potential clients would like to look like a diva. So when I create, I create for everyday divas.

2. How is accessory-style in Croatia? Which are the current trends when it comes to handbags?
Classic is still dominant style in Croatia, which means that ladies - both young and older - like to wear black handbags. Of course, each season brings new details, patterns and colour combinations depending on the weather (autumn always brings brownish and burgundy :) )

3. Favourite piece of your collection?
We fav our Butterfly collection because it offers a piece of fairytale. Urban fairytale actually. And our customers admire it also.

4. How did your business start and how has it evolved?
Our business was and still is a small family craft company and we grow as our family grows :)

5. Favourite materials to work with?
Since we love animals and didn't want to use genuine leather, we have searched for the best faux leather supplier and we found the best German one. So we are known after animal friendly materials. Btw, they are even more resistant than the genuine leather and available in all kinds of colours and textures you can imagine.

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