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I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award 2017, known among the blogosphere to get international presence and maintain connections between fellow travel & lifestyle bloggers! For those interested here are the official rules of this award. I am glad Boho Slage nominated me, since she is one of the bloggers I once interviewed and follow the most behind the name of The Bohemian Style  and makes me really jealous with her Prague (and now London? Malta?) pictures! 

Slagjana sent these questions for my Liebster post:

What is your favorite country you have visited, and what was so special about it?
I have always been in love with Italy and there was no competition until I visited the Czech Republic (I think they are now even?). But honestly there is not a place I didn't like in Italy, I really like the atmosphere of southern Mediterranean countries, their food, weather, historical buildings all around big cities... Rome is probably my favourite city and whenever I am there it constantly reminds me of Barcelona in the way of life people have. I always thought I could really fit in there :)

What was the most weirdest thing you’ve seen traveling around the world?
I guess I haven't travelled enough to see a "weird" thing! When I first started travelling around Europe I was a bit shocked by the eating times and it was difficult for me to get used and adapt to those in Belgium, and same goes for shops and life outside the house. But my friend Monica has travelled more than me and once her father was asked to exchange her for a Ferrari in Marrakesh! (hey but business is business right?!) 

What was the most beautiful island you have ever been?
I may not have visited lots of islands, but I do have a special link with Mallorca! I am lucky to have some family there and have visited the island like a local for many times... It has something special that makes me keep on repeating almost every summer!

What is your best travel adventure so far?
I've had many. My birthdays abroad have always been fabulous experiences, as well as my entire year in Belgium, which I indeed used to discover the whole country and neighbouring countries. My summer holiday solo trip was one gorgeous adventure too.

Where have you seen the most beautiful nature scenery?

There are many. But I think I took thousands of (very similar to each other) pictures once in Mallorca when we jumped on a boat to have access to a hidden beach, and I could see amazing cliffs and clear waters surrounded by trees, it was really beautiful! I mean, look at this!!

How do you imagine your perfect trip?
With friends but also taking my independent me-time moments in a country with lots of visible history and architecture (I mean, I could always make a 1235th visit to Prague or Rome...)- in a city I can get lost in full of buildings and things to do and pictures to take, spending time with my friends taking pictures together, eating out, going for drinks & discovering the city.

What are your five must see places in the world?

Only 5? Phheww.. I have a list with places I still have to see.. there's Greece, Egypt, Australia... If you ask me the 5 ones I visited and recommend the most I guess I'd tell you about Barcelona (duh! of course), Rome, Prague, Paris and London. Yes everyone says NY is the one to never miss, and that India is something magic... but I am in love with Europe, always have & always will! haha

What is the best experience you have gained traveling?
You learn about many things (not only the city you see), and grow on the inside. If you travel with friends and family you can learn about them and yourself, if you go on your own (and you must, at least once in your life) you learn a lot, and may see how brave you can be.

What was your hardest time while traveling abroad?
I had lonely times when i was in Belgium, there were times I missed my friends and family and did not fully adapt myself to the country weather, schedules, way of living... that was quite hard and I considered coming back on one of those breakdown (especially when my brother and friends came to visit & left home), but then I took everything as a challenge and thought I could stand up and go on.

What are the five things you will always take with you, while traveling to other country?

Passport&credit card, contact lenses, makeup, phone, and BIG fab sunglasses!

What is your travel advice?

Go wherever you like, regardless of others' opinion. And be safe, always! Learn about the country and their culture and be a traveller who is interested in discovering, not just a tourist who takes pictures and buys souvenirs. Meet locals, rent an apartment instead of a room in a hotel...feel like a local!

Since this was all about traveling, I couldn't think of a better nominee for this Award than lostraveleros, my friend Albert and his girlfriend Blanca have a wonderful blog in which they share all their tips & advice:) 


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