Ankle Boots for 2017 Spring

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After some cold and windy days in Barcelona we are all waiting for Spring to come (although let's face it, February and March are a b* and will be still cold). Meanwhile all we can do is think about what to wear for those sunny war,-and-cold days when you don't really know how to leave the house other than under several layers just in case it starts getting warm during the day and you have to take off some clothes.

I don't know about you but I am a cold-feet one, and I will certainly wear booties until May. Spring season is bringing many options for those like me, who might wear short sleeves or dresses but still want their feet fully covered. A gorgeous pair of ankle boots can lift all getups out of darkness and into the light. There are many spring-colored like shoes I will be falling for...

Browsing on the upcoming trends for Spring 2017 I found several options we will be seeing at the stores:

SOCK BOOTS: comfy and you don't need to wear socks with them, just those thigh-like socks and you forget about the worrying moments when you have to focus on walking properly while your socks are sliding off your boots!

LACE-UPS: one of my fav. options, keeping it stylish, casual and a bit bohemian at the same time. There are many colors and styles with these, I am just in love with beige and brown ones.

JACQUARD: in all seriousness. LOVE them! You can go for simple ones, all black with florals, or you can go crazy with those full of details.

JUMBO PLATFORMS: glam-rock like. These can save you more than once, either at the office, any event, night out...

METALLIC: Don't say hate at first sight and give them a try! These are perfect for those total black outfits on a night out.

Which are your favourite ones and which ones do you think you will end up wearing this 2017 Spring?

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4 comments to blue my mind

  1. I love all of these booties! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I love these picks. I am a massive fan of ankle boots


  3. These are all super gorgeous!


  4. Loveee all of them!