Leather Jackets we want to invest in

10:11:00 PM

I am a sucker for biker/rocker/aviator leather jackets and I always try to resist when I see a good one (mostly due the high price) but uuuu they are soo great to combine with so many outfits! For those who are a bit skeptical on them, believe me they are outfit-savers. Not only they look casually cool and stylish on you but they also look good regardless of the season of the year, regardless of the year! Yes they are timeless:)

There are many options to choose from, although the classic black one will be always a yes-yes. Now you can choose colors, material, details, etc.  Browsing on fashion catalogues I found really cool leather jackets but uuu okay.. YSL and his fellas are a bit too much of an investment. I selected the ones that are still affordable and tried not to exceed the 200€.

MANGO (129)

MANGO (99)


ASOS (90)

Which one do you like best? Do you have any leather jacket you cannot stop wearing? :)

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1 comments to blue my mind

  1. Great choices! I love the ASOS one, the colour is gorgeous! xx