Moving into a new apartment: essential tips

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state: Monday headache but in love with my new city area :)
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After my fight with the wind trying to take my Prada away (mental note: don't wear sunglasses on your head again) and after several coffees I survived a moving out & moving into a new apartment -weekend [thanks to my family & friends who helped me carrying all the stuff upstairs]. Yayyy I finally moved into a new apartment and I absolutely adore the area and new room (full of light, 6-door closet and own balcony!]. I spent this weekend moving stuff from my parent's house and my former apartment in the center to my new apartment. There are many things left to do but the essentials are done and I already spent the night in my new place:)

Now for those who are going loco on the moving thing, try not to jump into craziness and pack everything at once in the car and follow these few steps to have at least the necessary to start living in your new place with no stress: 

Start packing in advance: you know that "I'll do it later" motto. If you pack in a hurry chances are you will just put random things together and then it will take longer to organize them all in your new place.

Pack an overnight bag with the essentials: this is super useful! Maybe you are too tired to unpack once you are done with the moving thing, so why not putting all the essentials in just one bag (like when you go on a trip) so you have everything you need in handy for the first night at the new place?

Wrap fragile things in clothing: forget the bubble wrap if you can use some shirt, you are packing everything and using it for 2 things at once.

Visit your new home before moving in and clean a bit: otherwise you will be super tired when you finish carrying bags/boxes etc. and then you will have the additional task of cleaning up the apartment. I came on a Saturday only to clean the floor, closet..etc. and leave some of my things. On Sunday I just had to unpack the rest of my stuff and voilà! 

Call your friends and ask for help: don't try to be Miss Independent or else you will spend too much trying to move in. I asked my parents and a couple of friends to help me with the heavy stuff and we got everything done in 2 days!


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