Get back on track! No more lazy Sundays.

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The more I live in Barcelona the more it grows on me and I am sure this is THE place for me. After 2 months living here I cannot see me anywhere else, though I must confess Sundays are really getting out of hand. Instead of enjoying sunny Sundays around the city I find myself staying at home and realizing I wasted all day doing nothing. Today after coming from the basketball game I started being productive in the apartment but when I finished chores.. uuu lovely bed u calling me? Yes ladies I am such a lazy cow I spent all afternoon sitting on the bed talking to some friend on whatsapp, browsing on facebook and instagram and nothing else. Oh yes, eating junk! Losing control over here?

Now I was thinking this has happened for some Sundays already and I should do sth to change it, because really the daily workouts are not helping much if I have these Sundays and have to sit for 8h in front of my desk at the office. 

Since I am the queen of excuses when it comes to skip a workout I decided to think of a reward if I make it back to my usual weight (read like 3kg less) and start having better habits. Therefore I have to start:

  • Getting at the office between 8 and 8.30, no more 9-9.30 so I can leave earlier too!
  • 1h at the gym daily except for Tuesdays and Wed which I spend at the office from morning to evening ¬¬
  • No junk food lau!! Only dark chocolate is accepted (&my fav, luckily)
  • Back to taking up a language I left paused (1h daily)
  • More sunny afternoon walks around this fabulous city (1h day)
As many of you I do have a wishlist for many items so if I keep back on track to these habits I used to have I am sure I will reward myself with one of the things from my list. 

What are your daily habits ladies? Do you have any month/year goals?

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3 comments to blue my mind

  1. :) You just described many of my Sundays afternoons. I did make resolutions for 2017 (they are on my blog) and work toward accomplishing them (not too fast though...:)
    I hope to have more free time in the next couple of months to go to the gym, as I have to lose some weight too (I guess 99 % of women do :))

  2. I'm sorry, Lau, maybe it's just me...But you said you LIVE in Barcelona. I assume since I only know of one Barcelona, that means you live in Barcelona Spain; a beautiful city in a beautiful and, so I'm told, beautiful country. And you are having trouble getting yourself to go out and walk/explore the city instead of staying in on Sundays. Really?! I must be missing something here. Can we trade places? :-)

  3. Okay, firstly I adore the fact that you live in Barcelona. I would love to visit there some day. I use Saturday to get everything done and then I can just Sunday easy and go with the flow