Pink is not even a question: Zara & Mango pink trends under 30 & 20€

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As Aerosmith lyrics go.. pink is my new obsession. This year Spring comes full of pinks in our everyday stores, as well as on the runways of Chloé, Fendi, Michael Kors and many more. Pink is coming in all shades so there is no excuse for the "too little innocent girl" look, since you can opt for fuchsia, pales, gum, and others. 

Many are the items in pink, if you don't feel like wearing dresses yet why don't you go for the pink sweater? Too sporty? No! Zara and Mango are offering sweaters with some touches and details that add a different look and create a great outfit if well combined. Of course you can go for the maxi sweater, but you have ruffles (big trend now), lace, with ties, pailletes...

You can combine pink with denim, darks and soft colors or you can make a statement with a total look, as seen in Valentino or Hermès. Michael Kors showed a sassy version of pink combining it with metallics, while Fendi went for the girly look with sweet soft shades of pink in blouses and sandals. 

Any look is OK for pink now. Ranging from sporty to casual to working-outfits, I am not saying you should have each item you see on the store but try to get at least one pink thing for this upcoming season, because surely you will be wearing it a lot. In my case I am still trying to figure out which would be the best option for me and my looks, since I do wear a lot of blazers but saw a pair of pants I really liked hmm..

Browsing on Zara and Mango websites I found some items I have seen several times and which are starting to hit the streets in Barcelona, of course I made a selection of super affordable items, under 20 and 30€

UP TO 20€

MANGO (15,99€)

ZARA (19,95€)

ZARA (17,95€)

UP TO 30€

MANGO (25,99€)

MANGO (25,99€)

ZARA (25,95)

"Pink is the color of passion 'cause today it just goes with the fashion!"


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10 comments to blue my mind

  1. Really great dear!

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  2. LOVE this color. I feel like shirts with lots of ruff-ly details are super on-trend this season and I can't decide if I love it or hate it. Ha! On some people it looks totally amazing and on others I feel like they're being swallowed by a cuttlefish. I guess I'm nervous I'll fall into the former group. We shall see!

  3. Nice post! Who could resist pink statement items? These are gorgeous! :)

    Nora /

  4. Gorgeous selection! I love this shade ��

  5. I'm LOVING the pink, bell sleeve and ruffle trends! This fashion post is awesome!

  6. I'm so glad this colour is trending right now! It'll go so well with the modern renaissance palette! Ah, I'm so excited to do looks with these shades of pink!
    -Naima |

  7. Pink has never been my color. However, those blushes have me changing my mind! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Absolutely great picks, i really like pink for spring and this are some great picks, especially that dress xoxo

  9. this has been my color of choice lately so obviously I loved this post lol! These are really cute pieces and I LOVEEE those sleeves!

  10. I love the colour! It's so dressy. Perfect for a girls night out :)