Time to play local in Prague: Riegrovy Sady

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After a weird weekend and "enjoying" a Monday off (read: staying in bed and PJ all day around the house.. continuously checking on whatsapp, instagram.. grumpier by the minute...) I had one of those moments when you just want to jump on a plane and go anywhere (read Prague) so guess where I am going soon! :)

Yes ladies it was easy to have my friend Ade joining me for the thousand trip to one of my favourite cities (I keep saying one of my favs not to forget about Rome and Bcn but uuu..)

This time though I want to skip all the tourist places and attractions I already saw in previous trips and want to finally tick off everything I had on my list, and that makes me think of a centenary park I discovered last summer thanks to a local –yes sometimes it’s best to avoid tourist attractions and head to the real places!- full of green and which offers stunning views of the city at your feet.

There are cobbled paths for those who go jogging or just walk around the park, benches so you can sit and enjoy the views, and a place to have a drink with a big screen playing either movies or sport games. This place was once a vineyard (hence the name of the neighborhood Vinohrady) and some of its old buildings are still around, such as the observation tower or the obelisk from 1840.

This outdoor meeting place is a great option for a nice-weather day (I hope weather behaves this weekend). If you are lucky and visit this place on a sunny and warm day you can enjoy some sunbathing laying around the grass while watching Prague Castle, which is also a lovely view when the sun starts to go down. Apart from the sports screen with some drink stands, there is also a small restaurant and a café for those who feel like staying for dinner.

This place got me the second I stepped in, since I felt completely surrounded by locals and expats (and ok some tourist but few) and the atmosphere couldn’t get better. It is also very well located since you do not have to walk a lot from the center (actually very close to Namestí Miru and Jiřího z Poděbrad. But if you have to go far of course public transport is the way to go. Bus 135 stops at Na Smetance (close to the park) and tram 11 stops at Italská, also close to a burger bistro my friends and me always go to when we visit Prague :)

What do you think ladies? Doesn't it look inviting?

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3 comments to blue my mind

  1. I'll probably visit Prague during autumn so this was an interesting read,xx

  2. Oh wow it looks so lovely and I've always wanted to go to Prague, I was devastated when I found out I couldn't go with the university this year D= but one day though :)

  3. The place looks lovely. Adding it to my travel plans :D