Vyšehrad: the foundation of Prague?

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Many are in love with Prague but few know about Vyšehrad being its first settlement. Legend says Prague was originally founded here, and of course we went to have a look and loved the walk in the park despite the cold weather. 

On one of my many trips to this heartbreak destination (honestly I seem to have impulses when too angry/upset with someone/sth. and they end up being flight tickets to Prague hmm) I bought a book about old Prague legends at the airport to spend the flight delay with sth. to do. The first story I read was about Vyšehrad, which I was told to visit but never did. This weekend we headed uphill and could enjoy a walk around Vyšehrad and took some pictures.

Vyšehrad is a fort next to the river, which was probably built in the 10thC. Apart from St Peter and St Paul there's a famous cemetery since there are many famous Czech people buried in there, and one of the city's oldest surviving buildings


According to the story, when the Premyslid dynasty settled in the Prague Castle, both castles had contrary influences for a long time. Czech sovereigns established their second home on a rock above the river bank. Vratislav transferred his seat from Prague Castle and the original fort was remodeled as a complex becoming a palace residence and church.

When Emperor Charles IV started building Prague Castle in its current dimensions, the castle in Vysehrad was already abandoned as a royal house. Vysehrad was conquered and ransacked by the Hussites and King George of Podebrady. With the years the castle was abandoned again and ruined but it underwent a renovation when the Habsburgs took the Czech lands and turned it into a fortress for the Austrian Army. Now Vyšehrad is a lovely public park where lots of people have celebrations, walk their dogs, take pictures, and celebrate NYE.


Long ago when there were only lands and Prague was far from being lau's top destination to be happy 24/7, it is said that Duke Krok camped at the foot of a rock that overlooked the river, climbed uphill and came back to entourage the rest of his people. They built a castle there and that's how Vyšehrad was born

Duke Krok had 3 daughters, each had a castle built on a different place. One of them -Libuse- had the one in Vysehrad. One day she was looking down the river and (could predict future) saw "a city whose glory will one day reach the stars" so people went to the direction she was pointing already hoping to find a hard working man there. As many of us ladies, Libuse was super clever and RIGHT. Her people went to the other side of the river  Vtlava at the feet of a hill called Petrin (famliar?) and found a man working on a threshold to build his house. They built a castle nearby later surrounded by high walls and it all started there, naming it Praha ("threshold") -since that day people bow in front of the threshold when entering a house to remember its foundation, predicted by Duchess Libuse. 

aren't the views lovely?

Who knows if it's really true, if the name really comes from this story but who doesn't love legends and fairytales related to the origins of a lovely city? 


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  1. Nice post. I´m from the Czech Republic and I always enjoy reading other people´s posts about Prague :-) Just one thing - the river is called Vltava ;-)

  2. Very beautiful post about Prague. I miss it already :)
    Ejnets in Lisboa