Will this matter a year from now? Up close and personal.

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"We can't really forget the past. We can't forget how our hearts have been broken and torn apart. We can't forget the betrayals, the lies beneath the wonderful words of those persons who hurt us. We can't forget the moments we crossed the wrong paths. We can't forget the wrong decisions we made, the choices that made our life miserable. What we can only do is to look back and try to feel OK about it because whatever our past is, that's what we are made of"

Do you think you've changed through time? What have you gained from all experiences? Although some people say they are still the same, no honey, we do change, I believe for  the better. I learned to let some things be and though I sometimes find myself worrying about things I promised myself I wouldn't fall for again, at least now I realize time comes to let them go and think I am OK with certain situations. Of course I don't forget any of them. But I know how to continue with everything and put those distractions apart.

A year ago I was going bonkers due several drama episodes in my life. It took me time, several trips around the globe (traveling does heal wounds), friends, and some life changes, which have been crucial to be honest- to be finally OK.  And I am saying this, after 1 year.

Left my job, which I was constantly complaining about -for a big opportunity in the city of my life.
Lost someone in the family, missed and thought of her every day.
Finally let go off some jerk who got me wrapped around his finger for some time. Now I can finally feel nothing if he ever crosses my mind.
Had my brother in hospital for months after a serious accident. Worst feeling ever. Visited him everyday, stayed nights at weekends and promised him a trip to Greece. Guess who is fully recovered, strong handsome (like sister like brother) and going to Athens with moi in a few months :) 
Booked tickets for my solo trip to one of my favorite cities, disconnected from everything, met super interesting people, came back with a great feeling of freedom and "moved on-already" (-which honestly found out I hadn't).
Spent the summer traveling with friends, visiting friends, on my own too.. Met interesting people who I then met again.. :)
Spent Christmas in NYC to avoid a Blue Christmas and instead had lots of fun with my best friend.
Left home and moved into a great apartment in my favourite city.

Life puts us in all sorts of situations. Although I complain 70% of the time I talk, I am aware of how lucky I am and how hard I worked to get what I wanted. Feet on the ground, I am not taking anything for granted here. But these days are constant reminders of my past (why all men I dated happen to be Aries? ¬¬ Facebook birthday reminders are reminders of my excessories), and it all made me think of how low I was feeling a year ago and how fabulous everything is now.
So for those of you who are struggling, going through some drama, we all have been there, and although at that moment all you think is "there's no way i can cope with this" believe me there is. I am not giving any tips since all I found out is that time puts everything behind and of course you get some low days every now and then, I mean, someone who hurt me real bad just appeared on last night's dream and believe me noooot goood at all. But unlike other days, today I got up and thought "ssheezz really? must be Aries season. Moooving on!" I hope 2017 is the "No more drama, Adrianna" year.


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13 comments to blue my mind

  1. Great post, there is this quote from Marcus Antoninus that caught my attention "soon you would have forgotten all things, and all things would have forgotten you", so why worry. :)

  2. I would love a year without drama too! In 3 months the baby will be born and I can't wait to have good times only!!!

  3. You've been through such a lot in the last year. I think having things like this happen make you stronger and make you the person you are today.

  4. Your post is such an inspiration! Life is like "yin and yang".. white and black.. no drama and drama. These two sides of life develop our characters either become stronger, nicer, sweeter, more compassion or the opposite.

  5. So nice! <3

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  6. You have had a lot going on this past year with everything going on in your life and I hope that this one is a lot better for you. I do think that life events no matter how small changes you as a person but some things do really matter a year on and some that you thought you would never get over at the time actually turns out to be a blessing 12 months down the line :)

  7. Even though I say I try not to think things from the past, there's still a few things that reminds me about it. Especially with the memories that aren't so good. Now I've been trying to push them out of my mind for several years & I've felt so much better, even though they keep creeping into my mind at times. Loved reading this post, gave a food for thought!

  8. This is such an inspirational post. You really got me with this one

  9. Oh my past... Hahaha, it makes me laugh when I think of my past. I am just glad that I went trough things on my past because it makes me today.

  10. Just prrrrfect hon <3 El temps tot ho cura i... you know, we are stronger than that :)

  11. Our past defines who we are and how we are going to act in the future.