Turning old books into new readers: book donation for literacy

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I just came from donating some books to the library in my work. Not for the people that go to that library but instead for a really good cause concerning literacy.[I also make other donations, like, to the gym, since I am paying for it each month and went like twice this last March¬¬]

Imagine you couldn’t read or write

There are 55 million people in Europe without the basic reading and writing skills. It makes it harder to find a job and increases the risk of social exclusion and poverty, apart from restricting the participation opportunities in culture, politics and permanent learning, according to the Declaration of European Citizenship Rights to Literacy 2015.

In Catalonia, around the 25% of foreign people do not use Catalan or Spanish as common languages. Their birth place is one of the factors that influence the active knowledge acquisition of the country’s language. Literacy is essential for the human development since it helps people living and integrating into their communities and society, apart from learning. There are more than 796 people worldwide with literacy difficulties according to the World Literacy Foundation.

What Europe needs to do:
  • Society: create more partnerships for literacy development, volunteering, trade unions, NGOs.
  • Government: ministries of Education should work on projects for literacy approach, together with ministries or departments of culture and employment. Politics should also commit to maintain the issue alive and raise awareness.

The University of Barcelona takes part in the campaign #ReciclaCultura, an initiative promoting book donation so that others can buy them for a symbolic price (buyers decide the price) the day of Sant Jordi (St George’s Day) in Barcelona. The money will be used to fund literacy and language courses given by the Solidarity Services to favor social integration for the newcomers in Catalonia.

With this activity, so far, we have been able to have 42 subsidized courses (Spanish, Catalan and literacy), thanks to them a total of 1.136 people learnt these languages.

I encourage those of you living in Barcelona to take part in this initiative, donating or buying these books. And for the other readers please do share opinions and similar experiences:)


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4 comments to blue my mind

  1. This was a fantastic post and sounds like a great project!

  2. We have a place by me called The Bookshelf, where you can donate books. They are sold for anywhere from $1.00-$3.00. Everyone that works at the store is a volunteer and the money is used to fund GED and ESL programs. It's a really awesome place!

  3. This is great! I love what you're doing! Well done. This needs to be shared so many people can be enlightened to take actions.

  4. I like the design of your blog :)