A day in Luxembourg (blue my mind)

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One day in Luxembourg was more than enough (I'm sorry, but the rain made us want to go back home and stay under thousands of blankets while watching a movie with a cup of tea coffee) to see at least the essentials. If you are traveling around Europe be sure not to miss this little but rich (in all senses) country. Here are the best things to see when visiting Luxembourg:

The Pétrusse. This is the first thing to see when you get to the city center. A big valley with the Adolphe bridge and Constitution square make this a perfect picture spot surrounded by all green and brown colors.

Block Casemates. These were used as shelter during the Great wars and are now UNESCO heritage, do visit them and get inside history itself going up and down in the spiral stairs.

The Grand Ducal Palace. Still in use by the Dukes of Luxembourg, this is one of the gems of this city and probably the most important building, which symbolizes the national independence locals feel. There are guided tours inside when the dukes are not living there (summer) for 7€.

Corniche, Europe’s most beautiful balcony. Seen in lots of postcards, this is the perfect place to stop and get a picture. Views from the Grund are outstanding, offering all dark rooftops and pointed ceilings (specially Sain Jean’s).

Grund. Small cobbled streets in the old town are purely magical and take you back in time. There are many restaurants and cafés with terrace so it’s a perfect place to make your pause when visiting the capital. If you don’t feel like going downstairs and spending lots of time, there are free elevators that take you there. I went downstairs but of course used the elevator to go upstairs.

Notre Damme. The cathedral of the city is a particular one, since the bells ring in a special way (some song). The sharped cupola and its beauty are worth getting a picture taken and of course a visit inside.

Uptown: squares. When walking around the city you will see lots of beautiful squares, each with different décor and details. Place d’Armes is one of the most important ones, and then you have Place Guillaume II where you can find the town hall and tourism office.


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2 comments to blue my mind

  1. It looks like such a beautiful place, too bad you got rained on! I'm definitely adding Luxembourg to my bucket list!

  2. Great photos! I'd love to check out Luxembourg one day, definitely need to add it to my bucket list