Oh my Bro!

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I wish all people loved their siblings. I really do. One of the saddest things is to lose touch or break any tie with family.

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I always thought the best gift I had was to have a brother. Yes there were times we really hated each other and there were numerous fights at home when we were kids/teens. But I always learnt to forgive & forget when it came to him. And I don't regret any of the telling offs from our mother for misbehaving around, fights or running around the house.  I hope those of you who have a younger sibling can understand what I am trying to say, I cannot express in words the love I always felt for that little monkey.i hope he realizes one day

I almost lost him last year -and I am writing this in tears, which are coming out just after 1 second of remembering how it felt- and it was the worst experience of my life. At first I was quite shocked and in denial. "No, but he's OK." avoiding all warnings and comments from the doctors. Not listening to the negative side, which was a big %. 

I never cry. But the second I saw him was too painful for me to be there. Unable to move. Full of bruises and blood, cables and machines all around. And still, he gave me a smile (actually it was kinda like "look at the silly girl crying in the room"). I cried. I cried for hours at home. I cried every night. Even at work when I had to leave the office because I could not stop thinking about it. In the car, at the hospital. Gosh I think I cried it all so probably I won't cry for a few years now. I moved mountains to get a special gift so he could get out that depressing state. I won't forget his face the second he had the present on his hands, since he was not expecting it and could not believe the trouble I took to get that (must say i am pretty good at getting what i want huh).

Although I had a super best friend when I was a kid I think I could now say my best friend is my brother now. If I take back all the memories and moments, it was fun to have him as a partner in crime most of the time, and to fool him into doing stuff I would have been told off had I done it ("mum says we can throw things through the window"), or to show all possible #outfitoftheday when I didn't know what to wear, share the blame with, watch Disney movies together (and singing lol), play with toys, play the "speaker role" broadcasting NBA games and then modifying the voices, silly pictures with the webcam and its effects, staying up late making our grandparents angry, sandcastles (which we later destroyed and threw to each other, yes super classy) and forcing our father to jump on a boat with us in the beach, fun to play PlayStation games (cars, basketball, fights lol), going to basketball games and see his desperation at me not understanding faults, not so helpful when i asked for some guy-related doubts (but inviting me to a game so i stopped worrying about it for a day). I regret some lies i made up or manipulative acts (i was turning into a mastermind) so he got all the blame, some teasing (nah I don't really regret that),  I do. But that's the sibling life (he was given the Peanuts guide to brothers and sisters btw).

It's been one year I felt I was losing him. We are going on a trip to celebrate it all ended well and I hope these weekend trips to happen from time to time.

Love your siblings, they are a piece of your childhood which will never be lost.


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