When a song you love still brings you hurtful memories

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Angus & Julia Stone || source: Philadelphia Magazine

Some of you ladies asked me to write about how certain songs can bring us memories that sometimes can change our mood. If you skip those songs you are just refusing to even give a second of your life to that certain someone or certain situation. But what if that song that directly links everything to "it" is one hell of a song?  Are you going to skip it? Ahh the forgive and forget thing again..

I just love "From the Stalls" by Angus & Julia Stone. But it makes me think of something I should remove from my mind and memories and so it changes my mood, completely. When facing some challenging situations in my last relationship I was most of the time listening to Angus & Julia stone while driving to and from his house so yep I can see the link there but the lyrics go deeper and some people may understand them differently, no wonder.

The stalls are of course where horses are in the stables, but have you thought of the term as a verb?
3rd person present: stalls
  1. 1.
    (of a motor vehicle or its engine) stop running, typically because of an overload on the engine.

    "her car stalled at the crossroads"
  2. 2.
    stop or cause to stop making progress.

    "his career had stalled, hers taken off"

There you go. Julia uses this word so you can "read" between the lines, or that's what I did when things started falling apart. 
"Tell them why you are here, you don't know. But you go there" meaning the guy wasn't really sure if it would be a good idea to get involved but still he went for the girl, who was perfectly living her life and had no idea it would all end up destroying her a bit more.
"You wanted to be over that stone wall" meaning he just wanted to forget about the pile of stuff he was building between us and just wanted me to be on the other side. A wall so there is no way to face some truths. and had no idea it would all end up destroying her a bit more.
"What was I thinking? You wanted to be over that stonewall, over that first floor, over that old hotel room", more of it and the girl just regretting having got attached in such a way. He didn't want to face the pain he would cause to her, so he left with no words. But he knew the pain would be so much stronger after disappearing  like that.
"You'll just stand there and watch me fall" of course the guy knows what he did and sees how she is undergoing to all the stuff, on her own -since he is in the other side of the stone wall/floor/old hotel room. Over that hotel room meaning he is completely over them as being together in the room (but still she is around wondering about what might have happened).
So yup, for me "from the stalls" is totally about the girl right at the moment she understands and realizes everything stopped going on and there was a stonewall between them. And you know what comes after that realization? Short-term caos in her mind (which leads me to think of more A&J's songs!), mid-term confusion and denial... and long-term resentment.

There are many songs by them that actually remind me of a certain someone and the whole situation... hard to think about how it all felt but hard to resist Angus & Julia's work... When a song reminds you of something/someone over and over again, you link it all forever I am sure. And the more you listen to it, the more you understand everything. So I guess it's a good way to get some closure. Don't skip a beautiful song just because it makes you think of how bad you felt because of another person.

What are your beautifully broken songs you cannot skip but cannot help remembering certain times or people?


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2 comments to blue my mind

  1. Very nice!! Love when music bring me my memories live again!!

  2. It's pretty crazy how certain songs bring back particular memories.