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Not long ago I wrote about my absolutely favourite place in Mallorca, but there's more to it. I used to go there a lot in summer and it's been three years already since my last visit. Do you see where I am going with this? Ou yes. Thanks Ryanair for putting 15 euro offers out there and thanks awesome job where I can choose my holiday dates! 

Loads love to show a good tan and as silly and posh as it may sound... I just get a fabulous one every time I go to Mallorca. I'm thinking that might be the reason I am not keen on going to the beach when in Barcelona? "If it's not Majorca I am not super excited about the beach plan" but believe me it makes a difference! Step aside Via Liberata and Lancaster self tanners, this is a job for the Balearic Islands! 

I am giving you some tips for those visiting my most beloved island, one of the top destinations for many tourists and Spaniards. Magical beaches, a rich gastronomy and wonderful landscapes make up one of the best combinations for a summer vacation.


Although I always go in summer -when I have holidays at work and lots of free time- this place  can get really crowded and scorching from June to September. Contrary to what many Europeans might believe, Spain is not the Caribbean. Mallorca is cold in February honeys, so don't go in Winter if you are expecting sun and bikinis all around. The best time to do so is spring, since places are not that crowded and the weather is acceptable, you will get warm days and chilly nights.


Cathedral: reformed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, this cathedral stands up among the charming historical center of Palma.

Bellver Castle:  uphill, 3 km away from the historical center of the main city of the island, once you are there you get stunning views.

Lonja de Palma: built in the 15th century, right in the very center of Palma, this building is one of the most beautiful around town.

Cabrera: there are organized day trips to this small island where you can see the Natural Park, with a wonderful  marine environment, and one of the best preserved seafloors in Spain.

Caves of Drach: in Manacor, not near the capital but it won't take you more than 1 hour. These 4 caves are different from everything you can see around the island, and you can attend classic music concerts there too.


There are many fabulous sea spots in this island so it is difficult to choose a few, but these are all different from each other yet each one is certainly special and worth the car journey. Apart from Formentor, which I already wrote about, and Es Trenc, which is super famous and known around locals and tourists, these are the ones I chose for those of you who won't mind driving south to spend a whole day soaking up the sun:

Cala Mitjana

 This beautiful sandy beach has also some rocks and stones and is quite small but offers stunning views. A perfect place to spend some peaceful time since it is not a very crowded one, due the lack of car parks and restaurants (you will have to walk some km to get there and you will have to bring your own food if you plan on spending the day there). 

Caló des Moro

Another sandy but rocky beach near the area of Santanyí. This one is also small and hard to reach, which means not a lot of people make it there. I am telling you it's worth the long walk and it will leave you breathless once you are there and see those crystal waters.

Platja d'es Dolç

This long white-sand beach is near Colònia Sant Jordi, though you have to walk around 200m.  Quite different from the other beaches I listed, this one goes for the ones who want easy long walks near the water and do not want to drive a lot if they are staying in the capital.

The best way to travel around the island may be car or motorbike but public transport is also an option. Of course if you are seeking virgin beaches or some similar to those I listed you will certainly need a car, since they are not easily accessible.

Of course you can also go loco and just go with the flow. Rent a car, drive around and stop whenever you see a fabulous spot. Luckily I always go with locals there and they take me to the most gorgeous places and spots where I can take pictures and have some peaceful time disconnecting from the city bustle. And there are many different sea landscapes in Mallorca I can never get tired of it, and always discover a new place to fall in love with! Here are some I took while driving around and stopping to admire the wonders of this island gem:

What's your must-come-back-every-once-in-a-while- destination?


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  1. Hi, this is on my wish list to visit for such a long time. Greta tops on places to visit. Bargain flights 😊.