Beach babe: unique one piece swuimsuits from Asos

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This Summer I had to update my swimwear since Summer somehow always catches me off guard (read I am not in the beach mood until I see everyone in the family with a fab tan and get a bit jealous). Now I have to plan my beach holidays and when looking for my bikinis I realized they are quite used and some of them lack its top or bottom size. Had to get rid of half of them. Why did I keep bikinis I wore in my 18s? Who knows.

This year I spent too much in stores trying to find a suitable bikini or swimsuit but none were lau enough. When visiting Oysho, Women Secret, Calzedonia, etc... one feels all of them are the same and you will see your swim piece on every girl you see at the beach. So this time I did some research around local stores with emerging designers (small businesses) and Asos of course, to find a wider selection. So far I bought a one piece swimsuit from a small emerging designer brand Toi & Moi, I opted for a coral one with subtle ruffles and fabulous V-neck line. But I cannot go around with just one of these so I headed to Asos willing to find some other one-piece... and found a very nice selection:

Y.A.S Sage swimswuit (28,99€)
Ted Baker Frillay Swimswuit (116,99€)
Scuba fishnet wrap ASOS swimsuit  (28,99€)
ASOS mirror swimsuit  (48,99€) 
Wolf&Whistle swimsuit (37,99€)

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