Booked up for the summer!

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Due a lack of intellectual activity and an overdose of thoughts piled up in my mind plus the inability to find someone willing to hear all the above (apart from my family who has no other choice) I may bother and bore you with my dilemmas, drama and complains in this blog.

Since early this year I have been patiently counting the hours and ripping out the pages from my planner, only to get closer to those neon highlighted and marked days in summer when I get to spend fabulous holidays out of the city.

So far I had booked a couple of days in Croatia and almost a week in Pragueas if I hadn’t been enough times up there- and last week I found myself booking more plane tickets to go to my dreamy Mallorca. So far so good and quite a lot of motivation to put on a great office outfit and go to work thinking “one day closer to holidays”. Plus, sales are here and I already purchased a couple of summer dresses to wear around the sunny island and old city of Dubrovnik with shiny sandals and –I hope- a gorgeous tan.

Bringing your laptop on board? 
First thing I think when it comes to a getaway is NO work or laptop, just phone allowed and a book to read while traveling by train, bus and plane. However I may find the need to bring my laptop to Prague again since I will probably spend a proper amount of time by myself and surely will like to blog about the misadventures of lau Czeching in and out of Prague.

Surprise surprise, who is coming with me this time?

Ou yes I had planned a week in the Czech Republic with a friend and recently found out she is not coming. After storming out and then trying to find some available friend for those dates I calmed down and remembered when I visited the country on my own last year and could enjoy me-time around the most charming city in Europe and met very nice people. On the positive side, I luckily know someone living there so I guess the money spent on concert tickets will not be thrown away!

Now I am just crossing fingers and crossing names out from my friend list since most of them are working or abroad too on those dates. So far I have 3 possible options, to be confirmed later tonight, and I am quite excited about two of them, one of my best friends who lives now in Germany and I miss a lot and a cousin who lives in Mallorca.  

Who will be the one I will tour around Prague? My high school best friend? My sister-like cousin? A recent friend colleague from work? 
Ladies and gentleman you may place your bets.


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