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Summer season is here and I started it by reading chic lit novels after two months of war-history-books. For lovers of SATC this is a total page turner. Kelk talks about NYC in a way which will make you go back to the Big Apple.

After catching his fiancé cheating on her, Angela decides to jump on a plane direction NYC -where she will become a new person, leaving behind a life she was not enjoying at all and meeting interesting people and finding new adventures at every corner of the city. As the book progresses Angela becomes much more confident in herself and develops a sense of style too (fashionistas on the look!).

Sometimes you will feel anger, confusion and sympathy. Others feel like she is too much drama. When Angela arrives in NY she instantly becomes friends with Jenny, and will later on become roommates. As for the L.O.V.E thing, she will be torn between two men and will finally choose one, while she blogs about everything for a magazine, but real life is not a fairytale, and despite everything comes quite handy to her, the end of the book is not 100% Disney princess like –but no drama.

Entertaining but quite predictable, Kelk always makes me laugh out loud (mental note: do not read her books in public places, for G’s sake). One thing I missed was a bit of difficulties for Angela and maybe more drama in NY, since all the drama is left for the UK life. The girl meets a friend in no time and soon lives with her (that seems impossible to me), let alone the two handsome men she starts dating in the first week of being in the strangeland (and after a long relationship and bad breakup). Same goes for the job she finds, writing in a blog about her life, under nicknames, for a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine. Despite all this hard-to-believe experiences I (and many ladies) could see myself on her shoes -esp if they are Louboutins- when escaping from home after finding out her 6-year-relationship boyfriend had been cheating on her and it was “getting serious with the new girl”, friends knowing, and catching them on the backseat of the car. Who wouldn’t have made a show?

Everything looks quite Carrie Bradshaw with flowers and music all around. But maybe the way Kelk writes is what makes you cling on to the story. As in SATC movie, New York is another main character in this story. Reading about the city and American lifestyle is enjoying and can make up for a sunny day at the beach or a stormy night at home. I literally finished the book in less than a week and could not stop reading during all my train journeys.


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