One day in Firenze? Yes you can!

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Florence wasn't built in a day either -but you can see it in 24h! Although you need at least two-three days to fully enjoy this city, you can get the essential taste of Firenze and surround yourself by their people and lifestyle in just one day. I was lucky to spend several days in the capital city of Tuscany region in Italy, but that made me value which ones are a "don't you dare miss this" and what can be left for a "maybe second trip to Italy".

Here is a must-must-must do/see list to walk fast and live like Italian businesspeople, coffee on hand and running on stylish shoes:)

1. Get up early and wait on line for the Uffizi Gallery. These are one of the oldest galleries in Europe. The masterpieces you see inside are one of a kind, I mean who would not queue for Michelangelo and da Vinci?

2. Sit and enjoy a pause in Piazza della Signoria: this square is located in front of the Palazzo Vecchio and offers great views, since there are standing statues around such as a replica of David and Fountain of Neptune. The Loggia dei Lanzi offers the statue of Perseus with Medussa, the Rape of Sabine by Giambolonga…among others. This place is very lively and you will see people walking around at all times, lots of cafés and restaurants, bringing a lovely atmosphere to the center of the town.

3. San Lorenzo’s market: food market where you can feel authentic Florence-like. Italian products and lots of restaurants, cafés, bars..

4. Duomo. Of course.

5. Biblioteca delle Oblate: aperitivo. After visiting the Duomo and the center you can sit and enjoy an aperitivo, real Italian thing, at the Caffetteria delle Oblate which offers great stunning views, and is located on the terrace of the public library.

6. Ponte Vecchio. Probably the most known and picture-taken bridge in Italy? This is one of Firenze’s landmarks and full of tourists 24/7.

7. Piazzale Michelangelo: OK this is a must from me. After Ponte Vecchio you can order an ice cream and burn kcal while going uphill to Piazzale Michelangelo, the best square in the city. The view is amazing and you can take great pictures from there, enjoy the sun and of course the relaxed and lovely atmosphere. Make sure you get to see the sunset so you can make everyone jealous on your way home when showing pictures and talking about it ;) hihi


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