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A Thanksgiving celebration among friends. It often takes place near Thanksgiving, rather than on the actual holiday. 
Friendsgiving. (n.d.) Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. (2015). Retrieved August 25 2017 from

And one more celebration to add on my calendar. These last days around Prague with one of my best friends made me realize how much I miss having her around. Yesterday I was telling my brother's girlfriend about my two best friends and how they are now a bit far from Barcelona. It didn't take long for her to say wow they are really like family to you. 

This summer was a roallercoaster as I spent a lot of time out there. Visiting family in my lovely Mallorca, discovering Croatia and then of course back to Prague, which will always be a part of me. My expectations were changing every minute since my Prague plans tumbled down one day and I saw I was going to wander around the Czechs on my own for almost a week (not that I could complain hihi) but that was totally different from my summer plans. 

Then someone I have always had in my life and always can count on appeared and turned out to be the perfect solution. My high school friend Aida asked for a day off at work and came by bus from Germany to visit me a couple of days so we could enjoy a concert I was dying to see.... I guided her around town and we had a great time, I think she is the one who can make me laugh the most, together with my bestie Monica.

So when realizing these two are my best friends and show up when really necessary I decided I want to spend my Bday with them, no matter where or how. Last year I broke my "bday abroad" tradition to find myself not really enjoying the evening and seeing my plans were just crashed. Lesson learnt! I will continue with my tradition and this time will be a truly FRIENDSGIVING.   

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5 comments to blue my mind

  1. I've never tried doing a Freindsgiving but I think it's such a great idea! Here in Italy we don't celebrate Thanksgiving so this would be a great alternative.

  2. Friendsgiving sounds like a wonderful idea! We don't celebrate thanksgiving, as well - it's the US holiday but I miss being in the US during it. All that food, YUM.

  3. Friendsgiving seems like the perfect solution. Here in Sweden we also don't celebrate thanksgiving.

  4. Such a great idea! And why not? Celebrating this day with best friends it's an amazing experience.

  5. Friendsgiving. It sounds so amazing! How it is possible, me and my friends never tried it before :) I´m pretty sure it´s amazing activity