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source: Watx & Co.

Tick tock... eyes on the clock! It was high time I started wearing a watch again... since once you are on holidays you lose track of time.. and I realized I am waking up later and later.. and lost a bit of punctuality skills!

I had been following Cristinismos on instagram for long and she is always showing gorgeous watches by Watx and Co. Curiosity got me going and after browsing on their website I found out a jewelry store in my hometown (where I am now spending some relax -read: doing absolutely nothing- days) sell some of their designs.

I had some summer designs in mind (pinks, turquoise...) but they were running out of them and it was either purchasing one immediately or doing it online and waiting for it to arrive. One good thing about Watx and Co. is that you can mix cases and straps up. Therefore I bought a case and a strap (pretty basic ones so i can always combine) and they gave me another strap for free. Now I can purchase any strap for only €13 and have many many designs inspired in any season of the year. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

source: livinginBshoes

You can even design your own!
Not only you can choose color, size, model, analogic or digital case, etc. But you can make your own and unique design online. You can choose whether you want a digital or analogic case, color, numbers, etc. And then the features of your strap. 


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