Autumn's calling: ootd around Budapest

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This week has been summer's way to say he's gone for now and leaving room for my favourite season. Yesterday was quite rainy and cloudy and this morning I woke up to the sound of the rain to find out it was even chilly when I went outside the balcony. Needless to say I changed the outfit I had in mind for today and went running to find dark jeans, bottle green blouse and pink ballerinas, all to create a very autumn-like outfit. Tonight my friends and I were meeting for dinner and after our "fashion" conversation (what are you wearing?) we decided to switch our late summer dress and sandals for dark jeans and booties going from girly chic to rock chic.

Stepping on the cold floor watching how some leaves were falling from the trees and many people had done the same as me, I instantly fell in love -again- with that September-October-November feeling autumn brings to all of us. All this made me think of one weekend I spent in Budapest with two friends. Although it was November and thus the weather was quite colder, colors were similar to those I saw today in the wet streets of Barcelona.

All you readers may know I am a lover of all things that go with Autumn, especially clothes and its colors. Thinking of Budapest I instantly thought of all the outfits I brought there. One would say there was not a single shade of brown missing in my bag.

I am not a fan of crossbody bags but when traveling around there is a moment of the day I do get tired of carrying it on the same arm and having to be too careful with it since it is all non-stop walking and getting on and off buses, metros, etc. Therefore I chose to bring a medium sized bag where I could carry the essentials plus a small umbrella and gloves.

The boots I chose are another thing to consider when traveling, since there will be lots of walking it can be painful to wear heels or go flat all the way. Wedges are super comfy and this Spanish brand Alpe Shoes makes unique good quality and stylish designs for an everyday shoe.

My friends Claudia and Monica gave me this maxi scarf which can be used as a poncho too, or even a blanket I would say. I wore it as a scarf but the wind decided to give it a different look and it looks as if I was wearing another item around.

Beige Scarf: Massimo Dutti
Brown Scarf: Zara
Coat: Mango
Bag: local store in London
Thights: Calzedonia
Umbrella: Vogue
Boots: Alpe Shoes


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4 comments to blue my mind

  1. You look absolutely amazing :-) Loving the coat, so Autumnal!

  2. Awesome shots and the outfit looks really good on you.

  3. That outfit looks so cozy, fashionable, and perfect for fall! Those boots are adorable!

  4. I really like your style and your pictures are beautiful! Budapest looks so pretty too!