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I found out about a very interesting luxury fashion brand from Australia and had the chance to interview the owners. After having a look at their website it took me less than a minute to accept the interview and discover many interesting insights of this business which is ran by husband and wife Taylor and Christie Cook.

Avery Verse produce eco-friendly handbags of great quality with classy designs that will never go out of style and can save many of your outfits, be it a daily, office, even weekend #outfitoftheday. Taylor and Christie told me about how they came up with such an idea, apart from telling me about their handbags and the women they have in mind when working on their creations. In addition, Avery Verse is not only eco-friendly but also a role model when it comes to businesses: for every sale they make a donation to a charity.

A model of entrepreneurship, empowerment and passion for fashion and the working woman, Avery Verse produces Italian tanned leather bags with a high quality finish. 

In a world of "follow the trend", which importance should people give to emerging designers?

Taylor: Emerging designers typically bring a perspective that is outside of the current culture of the industry and this is exactly why consumers should be seeking them out. We understand the importance this has aesthetically on your outfit as well as environmentally in a world of fast fashion. Our aim is to create a bag which can be worn for years without feeling out of place because it carries a luxury quality that taps into our universal joys, as opposed to merely being a trendy piece for summer.
Christie: I think that new designers bring a unique perspective to fashion but they also help to keep the industry fresh and on-it’s-toes. Different designers obviously cater for different niches of the market but overall, I find that new designers put their heart into their work with such sincerity because they’re working on something they love and they don’t take this for granted.

How has this business evolved over the years?

Taylor: Starting a business has been an ongoing conversation for years between Christie and I. It was not so much an overnight decision as a long, slowly gestating move from being employees to entrepreneurs, and specifically working in high end fashion.

Christie: We’re a new business and still evolving and taking shape in the market, having said this, we saw great potential in the lack of consideration being given to sustainability in the fashion industry and feel creating a great luxury product that helps address this is a key part of who we are.

Tell me about the donations that are made with every purchase. How did you come up with the idea?

Taylor: It was born from a desire to create a business that was more than just a business. It could be a vehicle for tremendous social and cultural change if we were willing to make the decisions - hard decisions I might add - to create something that supports others. For 2017 proceeds from every sale go towards water.org which is a fantastic organisation, highly rated on Charity Navigator (a website for investigating charities) that provides water access and sanitation to developing communities. Their work is particularly empowering for women and young girls who are typically the ones that must devote large parts of their day to water collection.
Christie: I just don’t see how any business can fail to give back to the community. I think that everyone privileged with work has an obligation to assist the lives of the less fortunate through donating money, time or skills to well-organised charities.

What customer/woman do you have in mind when working on your creations?

Christie: Our ideal customer knows and loves quality and seeks quality and elegance over gimmicks and bargains.

Taylor: The Avery Verse customer is an empowered woman. She’s the type to take on a challenge like learning a second language, starting a side business or in anyway you can imagine is actively seeking to develop her gifts and live a fulfilled life.


I am glad I discovered this brand, since I am more and more interested in emerging designers- sure we all love Fendi bags and Loewe scarfs but who doesn’t agree with me? Stand out wearing something unique and helping new designers out! For further information about Avery Verse please visit the following links:

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