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Ladies how many of you found it was too late to go shopping around town for an occasion and had to spend hours online trying to find a suitable dress for a wedding, event, prom, homecoming party...?  I remember the day before my graduation event I had to drive to the closest store that closed late to find a dress, shoes and bag for the following morning. Now I discovered this online store, Sassy my prom, where I could have found many homecoming dresses under 100 USD/EUR for instance, and bridesmaid dresses too!

While browsing on the homecoming dresses section I made a small selection of the ones I would have surely bought for my university graduation party (https://www.sassymyprom.com/collections/homecoming-dresses):

find it HERE

find it here

But these homecoming dresses are just a part of what they can offer, and I also found the red homecoming dresses very interesting, though I have never worn a lot of red, I now think red suits brunettes a lot and makes me thing of the Oscars and Hollywood glamour -so here's my other selection, perfect for any upcoming Christmas event or wedding:

find it HERE
find it HERE

Sassy my prom is an online store aiming to make every lady's dream of feeling like a Queen. They are committed to special events regarding fashion and therefore offer affordable luxury fashion.  They sell directly to customers (F2C) and made-to-order items so they make the dress once the customer makes the order. Be sure to  follow them to get the latest updates and see how they work and what fabulous items they offer!

Sassymyprom Sale

Do check Sassy my prom and tell me about your favourite looks!

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  1. I need to save these links! Thanks for sharing!

  2. you look so classy!
    kisses from Italy

  3. So interesting post! Thanks

  4. wow these dresses are fabulous especially the gowns in the featuring post!! out of this world!

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Nice selection. xoxoxo