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Finally! Autumn is here (I know I keep repeating myself over and over) and so is basketball season! Woohoo! Time to go to Barcelona's games and cheer up and write about their good and bad work. Now let me clarify this makes me no tomboy, I studiously select my outfits the night before the game and choose carefully the combinations I will wear to the arena on Sundays. My combination goes always for the blazer and jeans serious office thing mixed up with a sports shirt (my favourite is San Antonio Spurs #9 -dark and silver hihi) and wedges or heels. Yes I risk my life every Sunday when climbing up the stairs of Palau Blaugrana on heels and carrying my bags and laptop on one hand and journalist material on the other. 

When did we start wearing sport jerseys as part of our casual outfits?

Many of us have incorporated sport jerseys in our fashion scene. Some do it for support, pride or just because it may look like a fad. This trend became a thing early in the 70s, and in the 80s the names of some athletes started to appear in those jerseys. Since it was becoming popular, corporations like Nike or Champion joined the trend and made successful businesses selling those especially to big fans who just wanted to share their support and public opinion on who their favourite players were. 

Basketball, football, hockey and American football jerseys have been around the city since the 90s thanks to hip hop artists, who made the trend even more popular. Let's thank please the greatest of all in my opinion, Michael Jordan, winner of many championships in the 90s (NBA) and my idol in my playstation games when I was a kid. Chicago Bulls is probably the sports jersey most people wear in the fashion scenario. At least at the beginnings of this trend. Let's turn the attention into female fashion, since it also has a spot for jerseys. Artists such as Maya and Eve modified those huge sports jerseys and turned into dresses. 

How to style a basketball jersey?

I usually mix my NBA jerseys with jeans and heels or converse All Star, so here are some of the sets I pulled off to give you some ideas, and using different NBA teams.

SAN ANTONIO SPURS: SA gives you the chance to go all black or quite the contrary though I love those dark shirts with the shinny logo. Easy to combine, you can go for the total black or for the casual jeans as well. 


Shirt: Nike (30€)
Hat: Miss Selfridges (14€)
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi (935€)
Jeans: John Lewis (31€)

LA LAKERS: Bold colors since most of it is purple and you can play with some yellow here and there. I would combine it with jeans only, since all the attention goes to purple. In this case I selected an official NBA shirt which might be more masculine but mixed up with a bag and heels makes it quite girly too.

Jeans: Mindful Bohemian (34€)
Shoes: Paul Andrew (190€)
Bag: Balenciaga (898€)
Watch: Tissot (335€)

CHICAGO BULLS: for those Jordan fans or seeking a devilish colored look, the Bulls are the right option to wear if looking for a dark outfit playing with some red details, lips, nails, etc. Another official shirt now combined with dark skinny jeans and booties but also a blazer to make it look more serious.


Blazer: Red Label (44€)
Jeans: Topshop (51€)
Boots: Sole Society (34€)
Lipgloss: NARS (22€)
Nail Laquer: Marc Jacobs (15€)

NEW YORK KNICKS: Now going for the total sporty and casual look, where blue is the main character but organe makes a statement in the court and accessories. A hoodie paired up with light blue jeans and blue Nikes, playing with the ball -in this case the clutch.


Hoodie: Topshop (51€)
Jeans: Guess (130€)
Sneakers: Nike (71€)
Clutch: Sarah Baily (181€)

How do you style your sport jerseys? Which team in this post would you be supporting?


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  1. Wow this is so cool. I loved the outfits you put together. Also I really like the material of a jersey. Making a jersey feminine and chic is a really nice look. I would wear all of these, honestly. My only concern is someone would ask me about the team and I wouldn't know anything. But it probably won't stop me! Great work!

    Most recent blog post: http://acquiringthetaste.blogspot.com/2017/10/travel-tbt-downtown-helen-ga.html

  2. If I'd buy team jersey it would be from NHL or SM-Liiga(Finnish) haha. I'm more hockey kind of a gal. I'd go for Toronto Maple Leafs or if I'd pick from Finnish teams I'd go for Ässät which is the team of my hometown :-)

  3. Sporty look can be stylish as well if you add some girly accessories and clothes as you did here. Wonderful boards!

  4. Amazing styling ideas! Totally going to try one of these looks!


  5. The Spurs look has to be my favorite. It looks so chic.

  6. This is great! You put together some cool outfits there. It's nice how sports wear has become a part of street wear in the last years, so we can look stylish but comfy at the same time.


  7. Great combinations, i would go for a first one xo


  8. The outfit from SAN ANTONIO SPURS is my favorite! Love the black ;)

  9. This is great, wonderful styling there.