27 and fabulous.

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I am turning 27 today, yaaay! Yes I am happy about getting older, which seems high drama for some. Today I woke up to some bday messages on my phone and gave some thought on everything I worked for, accomplished, gained, and lost along these years. Asked myself some questions I wrote as a teenager.

To my older self:
  1. Did you get university studies, bachelor, master degree, etc.?
  2. Did you manage to live abroad for a while?
  3. Did you find a job you like?
  4. Did you take up new languages?
  5. Did you (please) discovered European countries from your bucket list?
  6. Is this the life you want for you?
  7. Is this the city and neighbourhood you want to live in?
  8. Are you happy and proud of yourself?
  9. Tell me you became an independent woman!?
I am happy to answer: CHECK! Aged 27 I learnt about what to fight for, what to leave behind and what's worth of my time and investment. So I am sharing these life lessons with you.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes in the past. They are now a lesson learnt. Heartbreaks come and go. It takes time, patience and self-love. For your own sake, do not waste time waiting for someone who says is busy or stressed but asks you for patience. No ifs, ands or buts. So you ignored the red flags and fell for some jerk who left you broken hearted. Well it won't happen again and you will come out stronger (took a while to learn). In sort: forgive and forget. Forgive you for stupid mistakes and forget they (because I am guessing many are exes?) even exist!

Be prepared to be strong. Life is hard and will take you your most loved ones one day. The worst things can happen to the ones you love but you know grief and sadness is inevitable. On the other side, spend time with those people, enjoy every minute with them, specially family and the elderly! I would give my everything for my grandpa. He is the main reason I come back to my hometown every bank holiday and weekends!

It's ok to cut people out of your life. Many people you had as friends or more than that and disappointed you more than once, why keeping them? Wish them well (or hell) and cut ties, do it for yourself. It made me feel somehow bad in the past but now I just give it some thought and say OK Bye! Let go, they may have hurt you because they lack something in life or are unsure of themselves -if anything you should feel just sorry for them and happy they are no longer in your life.

Find room for your closest friends and have a coffee/dinner/whatever once a week, religiously! You owe them, for being there when you needed someone. 

Spoil yourself and don't feel bad. Enjoy your me-time. You work hard and you should spend your own money on your wants and needs. Date yourself! Go out for a mani, shopping, a walk to think and relax. I learnt to enjoy my alone coffees around town, sometimes reading a book, newspaper or just being there and disconnecting from work or other issues. 

Be friends with your parents. Ever since I left home and settled in Barcelona on my own, I visit them every weekend and even spend the nights in my hometown with them. They are the ones who gave everything for you, do not forget about them and just stop by for a weekend coffee or lunch. Come on, they love and miss you.

Stand up for sth. Your beliefs may change over time, but that doesn't mean you should be quiet and silent. Don't be that numb and careless person. Your head is for thinking and speaking, not just combing your hair and putting on some makeup. Support a cause, stand up for your rights, beliefs, and speak up

Think you have a long way until getting the job of your life. Do not skip opportunities like internships. I did a 4 month internship in the national radio and that opened me doors to journalism, translation and correction. I am now super thankful and remember that internship every day, since I now work as a language consultant and translator for a big institution, and at weekends as a basketball journalist for my fav team and sport! Cannot take it for granted but meanwhile I am super glad about spending those months working as an intern with no pay.

For your own sake, lady, TRAAAVEL! Have some saving glass to have the trip you always dreamed of, to disconnect from the city bustle, to spend time discovering new places...Take risks too! Take your solo trip (who knows what or who you might discover!).

Well, aged 27 I realized I really like who I have become over the years. I feel proud of most of my decisions, I can say I worked hard to get everything I have now, I could tick off most of my "dreams" to be fulfilled!  No I won't apologize for sounding too showy. I call it being confident and hard working. After all, we are our life shapers. 


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