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When in Heidelberg, southern Germany, we decided to leave the town and spend a day in a little and charming village in France called Colmar. I had heard many things about how beautiful it was and it is indeed true. Regarded as one of Europe's most beautiful villages, Colmar is a must-visit for those who are near and an excuse to go on tour around the country.

Colmar is considered the capital of Alsacian wine, known mostly for its white wine. It offers numerous exhibitions and museums as well as architectural landmarks. The village is located in northern-eastern France, near Strasbourg (which I heart is very beautiful too!). 

Walking around the historical center you may fall in love with many architectural landmarks without even knowing about them. That happened to us, we were constantly taking pictures and looking upwards and saying "ohhh" every two seconds. Many secular buildings are worth a picture, such as Maison Adolph, Maison des Tetes, Hotel de Ville, Theatre Municipal, or the Water Tower.

Churches of course are always outstanding when it comes to architecture. As main religious buildings you can look for Eglise Sant Martin, Eglise des Dominicains, Eglise Sant-Matthiew, Chapelle Saint Pierre or the Synagogue.

Of course you can spot fabulous fountains, or if feeling too cold and nosy, search for Colmar's museums
  • Underlinen Museum: offers a large collection of Baroque, medieval and Renaissanse paintings and sculptures.
  • Museé Bartholdi: life and work of Frederique Auguste Bartholdi.
  • Museé d'historie naturelle et d'ethnographie.
  • Museé du jouet: toy museum.
  • Museé des usines municipales: industry and technology.
We did not have a scheduled plan for our visit so we made it a "let's see and decide" thing. Since we arrived quite late for lunch, we ended up having lunch in the covered central market of the town, which apart from wine and food stands offers some open restaurants too. After lunch we had a stroll around the center and took pictures of all decorations and Christmas trees we saw (yes we may have a problem with that). Being still a bit sleepy and full from lunch, and starting to feel the cold getting to our icy fingers and red noses, we spotted a charming place to have a coffee or hot cocoa (and of course some chocolate) to supercharge our energy.

When it was dark all lights were lighting up and the city became even more special, with shiny decorations in all stores down the main street of Colmar. I am sure my friends will visit this little city again when having family over, they did love it!


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  1. I was in France but it was just a day. I had chance to visit Eiffel tower. This looks nice place to visit. I would def go to this place if I visit France again one day.