Four seasons in one day

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Some time ago I discovered Zaful and had a look every now and then at their clothes. When sweater weather was around the corner, I couldn't help it and ordered a couple of fall fashion trends for this late 2017. After browsing on their website for hours I found some embroidery items I really liked. Trying to avoid what everyone is wearing from main fashion stores in Barcelona (haven't we all seen that black floral embroidered mini skirt?) I went for a couple of things I can easily combine on my daily wear. Well my two orders from Zaful are what Crowded House sang as "Four seasons in one day"

This beige cardigan made me think of many outfits I can wear during all year round. Of course Autumn is the king of cardigans and this can be added to many of my outfits at the office or on my afternoon dates with my girl friends. Casual enough to combine with jeans and all stars, this can also be a night saver during Summer when you go out with a dress but wind or chilly weather hits you all over. In winter we all have many social and family gatherings to which we attend under a thousand layers but then need some thin one while having dinner, well this is it ladies, such a cardigan can be your last touch. And regarding spring... do you need any excuse to wear a floral cardigan? :)

This off shoulder embroidered cardigan with floral details is made of acrylic, cotton, polyester and spandex, very comfy to wear and versatile. The details of floral embroidery make it stylish and casual at the same time, so you can easily combine it with many items to wear it around the office, special occasions or sporting events!

You can still get it HERE.

Jeans: Mango
Sweater: Sita Murt
Cardigan: Zaful

What are you wearing these fall days if having enough warm weather?


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10 comments to blue my mind

  1. that sweater is gorgeous. zaful do have some pretty nice clothes...great choice

  2. Love this post! Glad I came across it!

  3. Beautiful I love the details and the colors are so vibrant!

    xoxo Christie

  4. Haha! I definitely relate to trying to find clothes that can be worn in different weathers and seasons - I travel a lot, so I'm always going to one extreme to another. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. I love anything floral so of course the cardigan stuck out to me right away! Super cute.

  6. looks cool, with something like this, this December harmattan will not bother me at all. nice post.

  7. Nice cardigan and it's perfect to wear it all the year!Kisses

  8. What an elegant cardigan! I love the colorful embroidery!

  9. I agree that the best outerwear should be versatile enough to be worn in every season, for any occasion all year round. Loving the floral detail on your cardigan.