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I have never celebrated Thanksgiving but sure loved all FRIENDS episodes about it. This year what I did celebrate was Friendsgiving! I spent my birthday and following weekend with two of my very best friends in Germany and France and when talking about it many ladies emailed me to say they were eager to celebrate it too.
That's why Friendsgiving is so special—anyone can celebrate it from around the world and it's a great way to show your friends you care and that you appreciate their company. If you're hosting a Friendsgiving celebration this year, you likely have a few things planned: the food, the drinks, and maybe some cards or notes to give your friends.

For any easy intro activity or fun mixer later in the evening, after everyone's eaten, consider a round of bingo. These bingo cards from Gifts offer a fun challenge for you and your friends. Instead of having calling cards, you have to observe your surroundings and mark off things as they happen! And though these bingo cards are for Thanksgiving, there's no reason why you can't use them to celebrate your friends and loved ones with a round of bingo!

These were sent to my by -where you can find a wide range of them (children, adult, etc.)

Adult Bingo

Adult Bingo 

We played for a while and decided to watch one (one = four) episodes of FRIENDS, starting with the one on Thanksgiving and keeping on until the Christmas one. 
How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year ladies? And for those like me who are not familiar with this tradition, what do you think about Friendsgiving?


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