Heart vs. Head: which one would you follow?

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Are you a heart-follower or head-follower when it comes to decisions? Did it happen to you that you wanted one thing so badly you tried and tried but never closed doors to other options and eventually you got the second of your preferences? And if the first option reappears as possible…would you immediately switch to your previous one or would you doubt?

Well my ladies, you can guess in which situation I am now –otherwise I would not dedicate a blog post to it. After some drama around the office and even colleagues telling me to cancel and go for the first option, I of course paused everything. Now I have both options waiting for a response. Let’s name them heart-option and head-option.

VOGUE 2009

Heart option offers a wide range of entertainment and feeling of bigger city. I would have some help when being a foreigner in such a place since I know someone I already talked about in this blog. That someone comeswith a story and I still feel the-one-to-blame and l I feel I need to spend some time with him (no intentions) to feel better. I would also love to blog about that place. However the project itself would get difficult and would require more work… 

Head option fits my project perfectly and the staff looks quite eager to have me among their team. The atmosphere is very welcoming but then when it comes to the place itself it just took my attention for basketball reasons. I was told the city can be seen in a day and it’s not even the capital so I would spend one week trying to find new things after work and maybe regretting not being in a bigger city. I could not even attend to the basketball games, if it helps to make my mind up.


Unlike an online purchase, this decision would affect my constant what-ifs and overthinking. And who knows it might affect me for the rest of the upcoming 10 years? Since I am quite a drama queen and hard-to-let-go of hypothetical situations due bad decisions. 

So as in many situations, heart is saying “go” but head is asking a few more questions before plunging into this adventure. All friends and family seem to be heart-followers so far, but head is oh so stubborn. Is it time to switch from being a head-person to a heart-person? Most of my decisions are following my head and critical thinking; after all, I may be the queen of the rational wait-and-see approach when it comes to handsome strangers –instead of going after them. 

Which one would you follow?


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10 comments to blue my mind

  1. I mostly follow my heart, or what feels right. But I do listen to my head when it comes to common sense things.

  2. If it's about career, I always write down my pros and cons and try to look at it not in terms of what the decision will give me today but how I will benefit from it one year down the line.

    - www.allshethings.com

  3. HMM, usually I'd say heart for sure! But sometimes I think our heart or out gut feelings can be misleading and we make choices based on emotions like fear or anxiety... so I say head!

  4. Interesting post! Amazing pics darling!!!
    Mónica Sors

  5. I always listen to my instincts but first I weigh the pros and cons - but even after that if my heart feels strongly about something then I go with that. So far I have never regretted that approach.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  6. This is a tough place to be, but a great one too! You have two great choices. I agree with other's go with your gut.

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  8. Definitely a head follower!!! Haha, love this post!