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Leuven was one of the day-trips I took when living in Belgium and having already accepted that days were numbered there and I was coming back to Barcelona. Don't get me wrong I was extremely happy to come back, especially because Belgium and I didn't have a particularly loving relationship. But trying to make the best of it, I decided to visit as much as I could so I wouldn't regret it years later.

My friend M came to see me for some days and honestly there were days we didn't even hit the street and spent rainy afternoons watching Supernatural or Gossip Girl -but the sunny ones were spent discovering new places :)

I expected less of this city because others had told me it wasn't worthy of my time but honestly I found it beautiful and quite full of people in the street. The Belgian essence was all around and the day was behaving quite well -we didn't need the jackets, at last (I was getting tired of having a cold and rainy July)! 

Leuven is really a university town (it has the oldest Catholic University in the world) which might be the reason it looks so alive, plus it always offers summer street events and its historic centre is really beautiful and full of shops.

You can walk around the centre of the city and enjoy being surrounded by the university buildings and St. Peter's Church in Grand Place. Also, the Groot Begijnhof, which you can approach by bus or on foot, and is UNESCO World Heritage site. This place is a restored historical quarter, one of the oldest and biggest beguinages that still remain in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Diestsestrtaat is the main shopping street and no cars go around so you can have the entire street to walk at your pace. But if you don't like those kind of streets  you have smaller shops in Brusselstraat, Mechelsestraat and Parijsstraat. 
When feeling hungry you can go to Munststraat, where you can find many restaurants with a wide range of cuisine styles.

It's been a while i haven't stepped my foot on Belgium and if I had to go back there again I guess I would surely try to visit Leuven again, apart from of course the capital Brussels, Antwerp to do some shopping around the avenues, Brugges to have a hot cocoa surrounded by its charming decoration and Ghent to go back in time and remember my student life when I was living there.


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2 comments to blue my mind

  1. Such great photos. I love the architecture.

    Kara Aragon

  2. Belgium is officially on my travel bucket list. The architectures are simply so aesthetically-pleasing!

    - Marina