My lady, it's cold outside!

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My casual coffee-date outfit -get it here

You know about those cold but sunny days when you are so comfy inside a café or at home but still  want to enjoy the sun outside so you have your coffee outside at the risk of getting iced fingers and then write unintelligible texts on whatsapp? Well that's me. Luckily Whatsapp added the "send audio" option and also my friends know me too well to decipher my chicken scratch.

Today my bestie and me decided to have our afternoon coffee in her garden though it was getting quite cold but the sun was motivating to have our chit chat outside. Now, don't we all dress rather casual when meeting our girl friends for a coffee? -especially if not leaving the house. Today I opted for a rather xmassy hoodie from Gamiss but it was so comfy I did not care about the festive style.

Not long ago I wrote about Gamiss' hoodies I would love to wear and it was obvious which one I would totally get before the holiday season starts. Yes my ladies, the Christmas spirit is all around the house during all year I could say. I love to wear this red wine hoodie around the house because its thin material which makes it feel like you are wearing pyjamas, but I also like to wear it outside with jeans, sneakers and a sporty jacket. 

This thin polyester hoodie comes with a graphic taking all the attention with the famous lyrics "Baby it's cold outside". If you like casual and sporty style, Gamiss has this one in several colors and sizes for a very affordable price, which may be the reason I did not wonder about ordering it. Not only it feels like wearing your comfy pyjamas, I really like the font of the graphics and the detail of the golden snowflake. 

Now if you like this thin sweater I also found many items with the same graphics on it, apart from other Christmas related items and decoration for the house in Gamiss. I really liked the sentence "sleigh hair don't care" and was about to order it too and then I saw those home decor cushions with glitter, penguins and snow flakes on them... decisions decisions!

Find similar items here

Hoodie: Gamiss [shop graphic snowflake printed hoodie here]
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas
Sunglasses: Rayban


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9 comments to blue my mind

  1. Good idea to get outside and enjoy the weather while you can. Cute hoodie BTW.

  2. Red wine colours, especially in fall, are super pretty. Your hoodie suits you very well, I guess it would go well with a jeans skirt as well!

  3. You look so comfy. It makes me want your hoodie. Thanks for sharing the link for it!

  4. I LOVE clothes that feels like pajamas! Those are the best pieces :) and this hoodie looks great :)

  5. I love this hoodie! Today's one of those sunny but freezing days and I've been so tempted to go for a Sunday walk

    Steph -

  6. Such a fun hoodie! It can be surprisingly difficult to find thin sweaters, so this looks perfect. Especially for the holiday season or a gift even.

  7. Your sweater looks really warm for the upcoming holiday season! It'll make a great gift for my mommy.

  8. The hoodie looks so comfy. It's a great color on you.