Run it wild! Sassy my prom waistcoat.

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Some time ago I talked about Sassy my Prom! Where I found really stunning dresses for many occasions, fashion events, proms, special dinners, etc. But this website has many casual style items too, and they sent me one of those so this time my task was to pair some outfits up with a green vest that reminded me both of American Western styles and American Native Indians too. 

After thinking how to combine this suede vest and really considering wearing it together with a wook beige dress, I went for a rather casual and bold mix, mixing this western like patterns with animal print.

This mini vest has a great dark green which can be combined with many shades of grey, beige and even white (apart from the obviously always life safer black). IT's made of faux leather and polyester and seems to me quite versatile though at first thought it was hard to decide how to combine it with my daily outfits.

Since it is collarless, you can play with many accessories being those layered necklaces, chockers and scarves, which are probably my first option these cold days. What makes this vest stand out among others apart from its softness, it's the fact that it has some embroidery playing with some western pattern, one would say it's kinda navajo. 

Apart from the navajo patterns it has on the front and its back, it also has fringe, which may remind you of the old far west (bang!). So today while I was on a super fast me-time (read: face mask 30min) I dediced to put on this vest and mix it with my animal print pants, just while the mask was drying and I was finishing packing since I am leaving in an hour with my friends to the north of Spain.

How would you style this dark green embroidered waistcoat ladies? 
For those intersted, you can still find it HERE.

*Disclaimer: this product was offered to me to write this post, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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