tangled jewelry

11:32:00 PM

I think we all have that piece of jewelry -probably a necklace- that got so tangled we do not wear anymore. We do not even touch it or store it with the other jewelry in case it gets worse. Think about your tangled necklace. Where is it now? Is it together with other tangled jewelry or set apart -and not much worn?

Don't we all sometimes do it? Trying not to touch something that can get worse, but not stopping to spend some time untangling it? Sometimes we try to be careful, preventing a caos from happening, knowing that in some way we are just feeding the caos to be even bigger later. Every word unspoken leaves more space and time for this necklace (read person) to get tangled. More. and more. Until one day you need too much time to solve all things that are piled up. And caos explodes. And you decide to forget about the tangled necklace, or break it somehow. Or maybe you are successful with the task and everything is back to normal now, but still, you don't store it with the other jewelry... You leave it alone in a place where no other necklaces can get tangled with this one. That is my ladies, being careful so as to avoid another dynamite party. 

How many of you could relate? How many thought of some past situation, or a person? Significant other, friend, family member... We all have been there, we stopped ourselves from saying or doing certain things to avoid another being upset, once, twice, and so on... Until one day, a gesture, word, made it all explode. There were so many knots in this necklace that trying to untangle it either took too much time and you gave up or it just broke while trying to do so.

I hope my tangled necklace gets untangled soon, we are let it getting really tangled up.


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2 comments to blue my mind

  1. I have a big pile of necklaces sitting in my closet waiting for me to have the patience to untangle them. Clearly I need a better method. :)

  2. Absolutely right. Necklaces often turn tangled over time. I too have a same problem.