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The Upper West Side, one of NYC's wealthiest neighbourghoods -between River Hudson and Central Park, seems a quiet and residential area, with a main tourist attraction: The American Museum of Natural History (and of course Central Park).

Waking up to a cloudy day, we had some coffee and headed up to UWS expecting some rain so our main idea was to spend hours at the Museum. Boy we spent ages inside, and I was fascinated by the amount of things they have there, with many information and interesting insights. I specially loved the wildlife part, loved all animals (obviously elephants my fav) and the Native American Indian section, it reminded me of what I loved as a kid when watching Pocahontas (and the many times I dressed up as her in carnival).


This neighbourhood has quite elegant buildings along the Riverside Drive, Central Park West and West End Avenue. Maybe the most famous one is Dakota, where John Lennon was shot, and which makes a beautiful picture if taken from Central Park. If you are looking for some luxury-built apartment complexes, here is a list:

  • Eldorado: 300 Central Park West
  • San Remo: 74th Street and West 75th Street
  • Majestic: 71st Street and 72nd Street
  • Century: 63rd Street
  • the Dakota: 1 W 72nd St
Despite being a quiet residential area, the UWS offers some interesting buildings and churches to hav a look at.
  • Cathedral of St. John the Divine: in Amsterdam Avenue between Est 11th St and 113th St, in the neighbourhood of Morningside Heights.
  • The Cloisters: a museum specialized in European medieval architecture.  99 Margaret Corbin Drive, Fort Tyron Park.
  • Lincoln Center: hosting many performing arts organizations (NY Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet), 10 Lincoln Center Plaza.
  • New York Historical Society: American museum and library, 170 Central Park West.
  • Sailors and Soldiers Monument: 89th Street.

This is one of the largest museums in the world. It has 28 interconnected buildings with 45 permanent exhibition halls, apart from the library and planetarium (where we went and Monica couldn't help shouting "Howaaaarrrrdd! when watching a Big Bang video documentary). 
Entrance: you are asked to give a donation in order to enter, you can give 1 USD or whatever you feel like. Many use the City Pass but bear in mind you can really enter for free or pay what you wish. However if you wish to get tickets online these are 23 USD for adults, 13 USD for kids and 18 USD for seniors.

Being around the UWS and not stepping on Central Park is a sin. You do not have to cross the park but instead can have a light walk around the area and get some of the most gorgeous pictures of the Upper West Side buildings, and play with some squirrels (Monica did).

After a day visiting the neighbourhood and the museum, of course you will be feeling more than hungry. Here is a list of places to have some brunch, lunch or afternoon tea and cake. We were so hungry that couldn't really wait and search for a proper place so we went straight ahead to the nearest Shake Shack, which offers really affordable prices but of course is crowded!

  • Alice's Tea Cup: lunch, tea and cake. 102 W 73rd St. Website.
  • Shun Lee West: Chinese cuisine, 43 W 65th St. Website.
  • Carmine's: Italian cuisine.  2450 Broadway. Website.
  • Boulud Sud: Mediterranean cuisine. 20 W 64th St. Website.
  • Barney Greengrass: brunch, iconic NYC restaurant. 541 Amsterdam Ave. Website.

Unfortunately for us it was getting rainy and snow was falling down, and of course temperatures were penguin-like. So we called it a day and feeling like zombies went to our apartment in the West Village to rest for some hours under a blanket and a coffee mug. 


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