Are big earrings making a definite comeback?

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Today I ordered double hoop earrings from one of my favourite designer hub to shop online, but truth is I had them on my mind for a while, and mixed feelings about the purchase. However this afternoon I saw a picture of my favourite blogger wearing hoops and I thought, hm that is sure a sign it was a good decision.

Hoops made a light comeback in 2017, which I ignored because it reminded me of my teenage years, when I was all about pink and styling casual styles with girly shoes, mixing an everyday look with posh accessories. I was not a mess, don’t get me wrong, I still managed to look decent and combined everything properly. But teenage years are always a life era you want to leave in the past, since many trends went from cool and stylish to rather trashy. It seems history is a pendulum in fashion too, since these made a comeback last year and will probably stay in 2018.

Bita Pourtavoosi

Now, statement and asymmetrical hoops are on the trend for 2018. Will they survive or will they become a fad? Regarding hoop earrings, to which I still have mixed feelings, they are simple earrings but somehow they make a statement. Should they be back for good? It looks like 2018 wants to add more light to them by bringing the asymmetrical ones to our outfits.

Bita Pourtavoosi

Statement earrings have been always my favourite, and outfit helpers when you get those “I have nothing to wear” crises. You can just simply go with a total black outfit, total white, or jeans and regular sweater one, and add a pop of color in your ears. The only thing that messes with me is their weight. So I leave the really big ones for special occasions where I can take them off anytime, and usually wear Miss Julie earrings I bought on Trendcy, which are not super long, but long enough.

Miss Julie 
Miss Julie

Which earrings are your fav to make a statement?


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