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2017 brought me a godson and I already introduced you to him, this little (little?) ball of fur named Ekko, who spreads happiness the second you step in the house. Today I visited my brother's dog and spent some time outside playing football with him. 

Since I came from a lunch I was not wearing the best accessories to be playing football in the street but it was an excuse to shoot some pictures at my new crossbody bag from SammyDress and my pink sunnies from Zaful I recently got.

Most of the time I tend to wear dark clothes and things that can suit you up, serious enough to wear around the office, heels and blazers are mandatory. But when I visit my family in my hometown, and that includes this dog, I always go comfy and get my Stam Smith Adidas out and pearled up jeans which I could never stop wearing. 

The pink mirroed sunglasses were not useful anymore after 6 p.m. since it started getting darker but still you can appreciate the mirror effect. These frameless sunnies are very light and comfortable to wear. They can add a hint of chic to any rock or casual outfit. 

Before ordering this small crossbody bag I spent some time thinking about the color I wanted. Truth is, half my closet is beige and brown so I decided to give white a go. This metal rivet handbag can be worn as a crossbody bag or as a clutch, and it has space for all your essentials, so it's the perfect option for those meetings where you just need money, keys, phone and a few things more. 

Wanna see why we say Ekko is now our lion?

Jeans: Zara
Sweater: Mango
Biker: Mango
Bag: Sammydress [get it HERE]
Sunglasses: Zaful [HERE]


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12 comments to blue my mind

  1. My favorite item was the sunnies! I just ordered some like those and I can't wait to get mine!

  2. Oh my goodness I just want to play with the dog! He looks so cuddly and perfect :D

  3. i love your sweater! but no offense to you, i love ekko's lion costume even more... he looks like a really good boy. :D

  4. Wow great pics with pets , Loved it

  5. I love the bag it's so cool and you can combine it with a lot of styles

  6. Hi, I Need to tranform my dog into a Lion, too. It looks very funny and cute :)

  7. Aww, looks so fun! Love the sunnies and bag too! Super cute!

  8. The doggo is so so cute! I want to hug him!!

  9. The puppy is so cute. I love your coat and the small purse.

  10. OMG I loved all the pictures, specially in the last one the dog looks so cute! :D
    xoxo, Pilar

  11. I really like that bag it looks so good:)