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These past months many of my friends and coworkers have felt a bit under the weather, since the changing of temperatures really hit us hard and we spent many of our after-work time cozying around bed or the sofa, under a blanket and a hot coffee or cocoa on hand. 

Instead of meeting at a café I found myself watching Suits or reading some chick lit, and many times inside the bed I must say. Now, I guess you will agree with me, the softer the better, the more cushions the better. So, what’s your idea of the perfect bed environment for a rainy day spent at home? 

My bedroom in my Barcelona apartment changes like the weather and my mood, so despite having light yellow walls and a raw white closet and raw white doors, I like to play with the sheets and cushions to create a style that suits my mood. At the moment everything my sheets are white with purple roses, and I played adding some grey/silver cushions to the purple roses pillows. On the wall I hung some white butterflies and there are still some silver stars hanging from the door (they were Christmas ornaments but they suit the walls anyway). However as summer approaches I always change the room and bring some white and blue Greek style to the room. 

Before going dark purple and silver, I played a lot with golden and white too. So I styled the color of my walls and doors with goldens and furry cushions to create the perfect cozy glamosphere. Here I am sharing many room décor ideas I found on Havenly, a place where you can even find interior designers.  I selected three of them, which one do you like the most?




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1 comments to blue my mind

  1. All bedrooms are very nice - but the best ist the last one to me - I like this minimalism stil and the White black combination.
    xx Vera