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Ever since we were teenagers and were in Love with either Seth Cohen or Ryan Atwood in The O.C, many of us developed a kind of girl crush with the character Summer Roberts. In my case it was a girl style crush with Rachel Bilson, and ever since, I have always kept an eye on her gorgeous outfits on the red carpet and her streetstyle. 


The petite actress always manages to look great in whatever comfy jeans-and-sweater she chooses to put on. As I have said in many older posts, whenever I am in my hometown and not attending any meeting or event I love to go jeans-and-cardigan like. This outfit reminds me of my biggest inspiration when it comes to streetstyle and in fact makes me think of several outfits worn by Rachel Bilson both in the street and in TV series such as Hart of Dixie. 

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This cardigan can surely make your effortlessly-chic but ethnic style vibe, worn with simple jeans and a regular sweater or shirt. 

Summer Roberts may have put her on the map, but Bilson is surely to remain a fashion mainstay over time. The casual-cool vibe is definitely a way to go if running errands or just meeting your friends for coffee, and very easy to pair up with.

Of course her style comes with a big budget but for those of you who just like to go with that vibe and not necessarily her exact fashion items, I say it is very easy to create a boho or ethnic outfit with a pair of jeans and booties, together with a Navajo pattern jumper or cardigan. 

For this casual ethnic outfit I chose a thick fringed long cardigan with navajo pattern from Zaful together with big sunnies (also from Zaful), pearled up jeans from Zara and studded ankle suede boots from Sammydress.

Cardigan: Zaful [HERE]
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Sammydress [HERE]
Sunglasses: Zaful [Here]


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7 comments to blue my mind

  1. I love this casual yet stylish look. Thank you for the more budget-friendly suggestion of celebrity-like style options! You look amazing!

  2. Even I like Bilson's style. This cardigan looks cool.

  3. I love that cardigan! It looks super comfy, and I'd love to wear it.

  4. I love the boho style looks very chic!

  5. Love the cardigan!