A push over the wedge.

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Stiletto heel vs. wedges. Which one would you go for (or after)?


 So you have two options and you have to choose one. You see these fab heels, calling for your attention 24/7. Shiny, promising, they are something you dreamed of –many times. However, don’t we all know these pointed shoes with a thin and high heel can be quite harmful at the end of the day/night? Your feet will surely hurt, and you cannot really walk around town for long hours. They are just to show off and make a great outfit look even better, they are for special occasions. Maybe one day/night. Maybe you wear them once and that’s it because they hurt and you don't want a second round. Still, you really want them bad. But many others want these shoes too… So you have to think how to get them and whether they will really hurt you. You know you will hurt, and will store those shoes in the closet, and they will remain there, just like that pain won’t go away either. But have you seen those fabulous shoes? You have to try them on…at least. That’s what’s in your head.


 Then you have those wedges, which look way comfier and promise not to hurt you so fast (at least immediately or after hours). These look more wearable for a daily basis and you don’t feel like you have to be that much careful with them as with the stiletto ones. Won’t you agree with me if I say many of us have said “today I’m wearing wedges, I don’t want my feet to hurt, I want to last all day”. These look more “normal”. Not that fancy, these look just cute. Cute enough to make you think of them and see they are probably the best option, but maybe you are in for wrong decisions and are saving up to get the heels anyway. And regret it later, when you have purchased and worn the heels once and can no longer have the wedges that promised to last more without feeling down.


Don’t we all sometimes do it? Knowing by far the option we should choose and instead going for the bad decisions? Well, if you get me you will know these shoes are just like some men. You can now make your bets. Are these stilettos worth the splurge (read risk)? In both cases, they are lifting you up, aren't they? You always have to be careful not to fall.


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8 comments to blue my mind

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  2. I would always pick the wedge! :)

  3. I love this post so much! SO simply put but so authentic!
    I will choose neither the pointy heeled one nor the wedges. I don't like to be so high in the sky. And I also want to feel comfortable at all times.
    Thanks for a beautiful post.

  4. I think both are really cute styles! It would definitely be harder to walk in the heels for long, though!

  5. These all are nice shoes. I would always pick the wedge!

  6. I love a good wedge! I want them to make the comeback they deserve

  7. I love both but wedges are a lot more comfortable for me!