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Carnival is here in Barcelona and these days I have seen many children dressed up around the street when going to school. This morning I saw a girl dressed as a super heroine, and a couple of streets up there was a little cowboy with his school bag. That made me think of how many times girls wanted to dress as fairies and princesses when I was a kid at school.

My friends like to celebrate carnival and last year we were super heroines, but I remember two years ago we dressed up as Disney princesses. I was Pocahontas (no wonder) and one of my friends bought a ballerina tutu maxi dress which was something between fairy and Cinderella. Now, for those who do not want to shop a costume right away but instead prefer to have a beautiful dress and add some accessories, I suggest you take a look at KemmeDress (


In KemmeDress you can find many prom dresses under $ 80 which can be the outfit of the year to any party or event that you have. There are also prom dresses under $ 100 and many clutches  to add something more to your fairytale-like outfit.

I made a selection so you can get a glimpse of what to find, but I suggest you go straight to their site and find out yourself, selecting items according to your likes!

find it HERE

find it HERE
find it HERE
find it HERE

They have a wide range of bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest dresses, wedding, homecoming and prom dresses.

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