Six things you may not know about Rome...

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Oh the Eternal City I instantly fell in love with even before visiting it... No wonder why I love Rome so much -I mean just look at it: great capital of eternal and visible history.

I always say Rome is and will be my top destination and I city I wouldn't mind living in (in fact I would love to). And those who keep saying "why do you always go back instead of visiting new places?" Ehm,,, there is still so much I need to see and repeat just because! 

Today I wanted to share some freak insights I made when daydreaming about the Italian city per excellence and which probably are news to you. 

  • Trevi Fountain: ou yes so famous. I'm sure you threw a coin, who hasn't? But where does the money go? The fountain is no Carrie Bradshaw and money is not spent on it but rather goes to needy families in the city. Every day, people throw about 3.000 euros which are collected at night by a charity to provide services for those in need.

  • City of churches and fountains: yes we all know that, but... really? how many? Well the capital of Italy has no less than 280 fountains around and more than 900 churches! so oh-my-GOD.
  • It is known as the Eternal City and Caput Mundi –meaning capital of the world in Latin.

  • Romans built the first shopping mall ever under the orders of Emperor Trajan. It had multiple levels and sold diverse goods and groceries. 

  • Only 10% of the city has been excavated. If what we can see from ancient times takes our breath away imagine what lies under those cobbled streets. Most of the ancient city is still uncovered.

  • There is a secret passage leading to the Vatican. Shocked when reading Angels and Demons? Well it wasn’t far from truth since there is a passage connecting Sant’Angelo with the Vatican, which was used by the popes when the Vatican City was attacked.

If you ask me, the best thing to do once you've seen Rome for the first time.. is to go back and forget about tourism and sightseeing. Just walk around town, get lost (a lot) and enjoy squares, small hidden streets, cafés, and feel like a local.

can't wait to step on my fav city.. counting down the days already :)


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