One minute you are click gone & click goes the next one

11:25:00 AM

Remember I didn’t know what to do when having to choose between two pairs of shoes (men)? Well, it seems I have a thing for designer shoes, and these were just a knockoff

After some conversations with my friends on guys and dating and all that “game field”… it got me thinking... is this game a quick and double-faced race? It gives you no time to stop and think, you have to act fast and smart. Even if you are out there just for fun. So while you are getting to know someone and secretly hoping it will turn out fine, you don’t get to spend five minutes to think or doubt about anything. It seems the other person has already options B and C when he starts speaking to you. So when you hesitate for a second, you are click gone –and click goes the next one.
These days I have thought a lot about how some lessons you never learn, or you choose to forget and ignore. Don’t we all find ourselves going a bit naive trying to see the “what ifs” and thinking the other person is playing the game equally fair and acting equally honest as we do? Despite knowing this is not happening.

So this time, taking a day to answer yes/no to another date made the other person “click” onto the next game. Should we insist this is the game to play and he should try? Should we ask rather than assume? Or just believe our woman instinct and let it go.

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