Riga is maliblowing my mind!

10:56:00 PM

I am not sure about the travel journal-like posts but since I am quite busy I will try to give it a try so as to not miss anything to share with you guys.


Today was super sunny -which is like a gift here- but weather was rather cold and windy, so I hit the streets and wandered around the neighbourghood, which is mostly full of Art Noveau buildings, creating a special charm for any morning walk.

I went to the known Albert Street, which is quite short but has many Art Noveau buildings, each different from the other, with many details in their facades, where you can see a mix of mythology, paganism, and many symbols.

Near this Street I found a lovely park, where the Art Museum and the Academy of Arts stand as great beautiful buildings, and when you cross the park you get to a beautiful Orthodox church, standing out among the other buildings due its colden details.

My walk around the Old Town was too short and I was getting super cold, so I had a quick lunch in a local dining business called Double Coffee and went straight to the hotel to do some work and wam up a bit, before meeting my friend from Latvia for a glass of wine. So far I have loved all the architecture and calm atmosphere of this city, and today was a great "me-time" day, plus meeting my friend was super nice, it's been like 6-7 years we didn't see each other!

Yup, this is my "I'-tired-I'm-cold-I-can't-smile-more" face, after a temperature changed from being 25,5 C degrees in Barcelona to 8 in Riga! Jeezzzz

Stay tuned for more.. Monday looks rather busy full of meetings and a fashion show in the evening :)


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