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These days I have been literally the living personification of Natalie Imbruglia's lyrics in "Torn", together with the awful rainy days and long hours at the office, I was the queen of the drama queens. But yesterday was one of those sunny days that make you forget all about the upcoming busy week, the men issues in your head, the guilt after not having appeared around the gym for months... the sun was shinning, the weather was warm and streets were crowded. So we hit the beach and went loco with the camera.

Although I have never combined sporty converse with evening skirts and basic t-shirts, I decided to give the rock and chic combo a try. I pulled off a grey-black outfit with a basic rock band t-shirt I bought in London, a fringe skirt and my white summer Converse All Star.

Friday. After all the glama drama I overwhelmed you with in this blog, two of my friends who knew more about the story told me to give it a try with mr. nice, who was just nice. Despite my attempts to "move on from moving on" my head was still in a certain place, while all i heard was blah blah blah...

Saturday. Dinner with one of my all-time friends, who makes a great partner when it comes to chit chat and wine. She is number 1 when it comes to mr. nice team, but while she was giving her advice her face was like "she's going to forget all of this and go back to Mr. Mistake!" lol.

Sunday was about forgetting the real world and pretending the day off would last forever. No stress, no work, no men, no bills, etc. I was too dreamy and relaxed until after 10min under the hot shower something wrong happened and the water started to run freezing. Well OK I got it, reality check.

Monday. Sleepy AF I spent too much time having breakfast just trying to linger on the couch. But then while rushing, beep beep! A text from that one person who ruined these couple of days and made me go high drama. What a start, right? Not to forget, I left my bus card and after realizing it inside the bus, had to get off and go buy a new one. This translates in wasting around 10 more minutes on my way to work.

But after reading my favourite blogger's past posts on life lessons and dating I just saw how we are all going through the same drama over and over and over, and I guess, if I can't stop thinking about it, it must mean sth. but it will sure be temporary. So after dating guys who are better at using balls in their profession than in real life (damn me for having a type and thank you lakatwalk for your comparisons and analogies in former posts that inspired me), I thought the ball is on our hands, and we are team leaders, if we want. 

So the best of last week was clearly the weekend, which was spent with two fabulous friends, and the happiness is for real, believe me I am a shy one and this time I did not care about dancing and jumping around with the fringe skirt just to celebrate the sun was making an appearance and I was having a me-day with my friend. Anthony Robbins was so right when telling us "take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process".

Rock Chick of the century
s acting like she used to be,

Dancing like there's no-one there.
Before she never seemed to care,
Now she wouldn't dare.
It's so Rock & Roll to be alone.


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